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Presented by Mike Langford, National President Utility Workers Union of America, AFL-CIO.

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1 Presented by Mike Langford, National President Utility Workers Union of America, AFL-CIO

2  The Utility Workers Union of America (UWUA) is an “innovative and solutions focused union” supporting good jobs and green jobs within the utility sector along with families and communities.  UWUA provides the skilled workforce for operations, maintenance, construction and related services within Electrical, Gas, Nuclear, Water, Professional and Technical, Call Center, Wind, Solar, Bio-Fuel, Weatherization and Geo- Thermal in both the Public and Private Utility/Renewable - Green Energy Sectors.  UWUA prides itself on having “The Safest, Most Productive, Highest Skilled Workers in the World!”

3 Mission Statement To provide our members with the highest quality training in an ethical, respectful and responsive way that meets the needs of industry and the new global marketplace.

4  UWUA’s Power for America Training Trust (P4A) is the conduit for training excellence for participating employers who have collective bargaining relationships with UWUA and its’ Local Affiliates throughout the Country.  Participating P4A Trust Employers are:  G-Force Power  Entergy  National Grid  Utility Lines Construction Services  Other employers are being added nationally

5  Over the last six years UWUA, P4A and its’ Employers and Educational Partners have worked collaboratively to develop industry relevant curriculum and continue to provide a broad-based education for their workers.  Educational Partnerships are a critical component to P4A’s success and include the following: ♦ Alpena Community College ♦ Delta College ♦ Monroe Community College ♦ Grand Rapids Community College ♦ Henry Ford Community College ♦ Macomb Community College ♦ Bismarck State College ♦ Mid Michigan Community College ♦ Northwestern Community College  Additionally, we partner with Community Colleges, Universities, Regional Occupational Centers; Regional Training and Technical Schools, Adult Schools, Unified School Districts and other Educational Institutions nationally.

6  P4A Apprenticeship training consists of on-the-job mentoring, field experience, classroom and lab training in collaboration with Community Colleges.  The goal of the jointly developed college apprentice programs is to provide apprentices with curriculum and coursework that is industry relevant while providing them with an accredited associates degree in their respective trades.  Annual skills competency and Journey-level worker enhancement training is provided to ensure workers remain competitive in the new global workplace.

7  Provides nationally recognized and industry certified training and certifications for apprenticeship training programs  Emphasis on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM)  Opportunities to participate in Advanced Education including Bachelor and/or Master’s Degree  Scholarship Programs  Women Only Classes  Intended to provide women with a supportive learning atmosphere  Helpful and rewarding to network with other women who are interested in and/or working in Utility and Renewable sectors  Journey-level Mentoring Programs  Additional mentoring programs for women by women

8  Power for America Training Trust provides apprentices and journey-level workers with a broad-based education that also includes:  P4A Safety Training Academy  Provides Safety Training  Provides Nationally Industry Recognized Safety Certifications  Promotes Safety in the Workplace  P4A Leadership Academy  Provides Leadership Development  Team Building Skills  Conflict Resolution  Stress Management  P4A Call Center/Customer Service Training Academy  Provides Customer Service Certification Training  Effective Interaction and Communication Skills  Nationally Recognized Customer Service Certification  Promotes Life-long Learning through Career Ladder Approach

9  New ways for delivery of P4A training will utilize new training technologies and delivery methods as they become available and evolve which include, but are not limited to:  Distance Learning;  Combination of Classroom, Web-based Learning and On-the-Job;  Mobile Classroom and Virtual Reality based platforms  An example of a new method of training delivery is P4A’s educational partnership with the Midwest Energy Association.  MEA developed computerized simulations for Electric and Gas Workers that actually provide various maintenance and operations situations.  The delivery is web-based and is a multi-media learning platform  Currently used by apprentices and journey-level workers

10  P4A Occupational Sectors  Electric  Professional & Technical  Natural Gas  Water  Nuclear  Call Center  Public Utilities  Wind  Solar  Weatherization  Bio-Fuel  Geo-Thermal

11  Throughout Michigan UWUA Apprentices and Journey-level workers provide services to residents and businesses.

12  UWUA and Gforce Power have partnered to create many good living wage job opportunities statewide within all of the Public Utility Industries with an emphasis on the Renewable Energy Sectors – Wind, Weatherization, Solar, Geo-Thermal, Bio-Fuels  To assist in the creation of a pipeline of new workers - we partner and coordinate our efforts with the Workforce Investment Systems; Educational Providers; Community and Faith-based Organizations; Community Action Agencies and others to avoid duplication of services.  Utilizing existing infra-structure for the outreach and recruitment of dislocated workers, minorities, youth and other underserved populations with a special emphasis on the recruitment of women into non-traditional jobs.

13  UWUA believes a critical component of successful partnerships is the leveraging of existing resources from our collaborative partners.  Leveraging allows for each partner (i.e., Workforce Development System; Community Based Organizations, Educational Institutions) to bring additional resources to qualified participants during the training and re-employment process.  Our goals are to assist participants re-energize their careers and become re-employed and/or employed in the Utility Industry and the growing Renewable/Green Energy Sector of the economy.  The need for a well trained and qualified workforce is critical in order to meet the needs of our employer partner G Force Power!

14  National Examples of UWUA Partnerships  Boston, Massachusetts – “High Road Energy Project”  UWUA, P4A, UWUA Local 369; N-Star; ElecCom, Maverick, URS, National Grid; Bunker Hill Community College; CCS Environmental Non-profit; State AFL-CIO; and the State Workforce Investment System  Occupational skills training for 250 new entrants in Electric Power Utility and entry level Utility Worker positions  2 year Electric Power Technology Training provided by Bunker Hill  Life Skill and Mentoring Provided by CCS Environmental and UWUA Local 369  Provides access to good paying jobs within the utility and renewable sectors.

15  Long Beach, California – “Introduction to the Utility Industry”  UWUA, P4A, ACCORD Non-profit; CA Water Service Company, SOCAL Gas Company; Golden West Water; SOCAL Edison; Long Beach Workforce Investment Area; Long Beach City College; El Camino Community College; Cites of Torrance and Lomita  Occupational and life skills training for 100 older youth ages 18 to 21  Prepares them with Industry recognized certifications including Water Distribution II; CPR/First Aid; OSHA 10; confined space; HAZWOPER; and provides mentoring with various UWUA Locals  Provides good paying job opportunities within the Utility and Renewable Sectors

16 For more information contact: Rich Mata National Training Director Power for America Training Trust Utility Workers Union of America, AFL-CIO 888-552-0580 Or email:

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