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Lead, Partner, Achieve.  /promo/cahn-2009-5.wmv /promo/cahn-2009-5.wmv.

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1 Lead, Partner, Achieve

2  /promo/cahn-2009-5.wmv /promo/cahn-2009-5.wmv

3  Dental Hygiene  Family Consumer Science  Health Science  Human Performance  Recreation, Parks and Leisure Services  Speech, Hearing and Rehabilitation Services  School of Nursing

4  Dental Hygiene  ◦ Traditional B.S. Program ◦ Degree Completion Program

5  Dietetics  Family Life and Child Development  Family Consumer Science Education  Foods and Nutrition

6  Community Health  School Health  Alcohol and Drug Studies

7   Athletic Training  Exercise Science  Physical Education Teaching  Sport Management ◦ Pre-Professional Tracks (Pre PT and Pre OT)

8  RPLS Degree with 3 Distinct Tracks ◦ ◦ Leisure Planning and Management ◦ Resource Management ◦ Therapeutic Recreation

9  One undergraduate program – ◦ Communication Disorders ◦ ◦ (page for registration guidance)

10  2 Undergraduate Programs ◦ Basic B.S. Preparation Program ◦ Baccalaureate Completion Program ◦

11  1.Admission to the University  2.Declaring a major and getting advisor assigned.  3.Taking required General Education and Pre-major courses  4.Earning the required number of credits and GPA  5.Meeting other specific program criteria  6.Applying to the department/program for formal admission

12  Advising and Faculty Consultation  Student Organizations  College and University-wide Opportunities ◦ Volunteer Opportunities ◦ Student Activities and Events ◦ Student Government  Field Experiences and Internships  Many faculty and peer-led activities  GET INVOLVED!!

13  Read the Bulletin and all Official Notices – official email  Ask questions – seek answers  Dedicate to being a serious student ◦ Attend class all the time ◦ Minimum of 2 hours studying for each hour in class ◦ Get assignments done and in on time ◦ Communicate with professors ◦ Use advising on a regular basis ◦ Use other support services as needed

14  Disability Services  Center for Academic Success  Health Services  Counseling Services

15  Must maintain a 2.0 MSU cumulative GPA  GPA Calculator:  Must maintain 67% cumulative completion rate # of credits completed/# of credits attempted

16  For tuition purposes: 12 – 18  For most financial aid purposes: 12  To get done in four years: average of 15-16  For adjustment to first semester ◦ 13-15 probably a good range for most students

17  Most students do.  Studies show that about 10 hours/week can be beneficial, but after that the benefits go away  Working over 20 hours a week while a FT student often leads to academic problems

18  Initial Advising during Orientation ◦ General Information Needed ◦ Registration for first semester classes  Faculty Advising Appointments ◦ Map out plan of study ◦ Check in regarding each semester’s class schedule  College Advising ◦ Available to all for general questions ◦ Available for special needs, probation, student concerns, etc. ◦ / /

19 Shirley Murray College of Allied Health and Nursing Office 124 Myers Field House (across from track) 507-389-5194 College Advising Site:

20  Complete the Request for Advisor Forms and Hand them in today  Advisor assignments will be made and notifications sent out during the first few weeks of class. In the meantime, contact me with questions.

21  College credits taken in PSEO, IB or CLEP ◦ Be sure these have been transferred and are on your DARS report ◦ If not, we will avoid registering for those areas during your first term  AP Credits ◦ Be sure they have been transferred directly from AP ◦ Chart of credits accepted: er_credits.html er_credits.html

22  Advance Placement Credits ◦ r/transfer_credits.html r/transfer_credits.html  CLEP Credit ◦ r/clep.html r/clep.html  PSEO Credit ◦ r/pseocredits.html r/pseocredits.html

23  ansfer/cas.html ansfer/cas.html  The U-Select system gives you information on course equivalencies.

24  You need Math 112 for these majors: ◦ Dietetics ◦ Nursing ◦ Pre-PT ◦ Sport Management ◦ If math sub-score is below 19 you must take Accuplacer, and if indicated, take Math 098 as soon as possible

25  Test required if your ACT sub-score was below 18.  Test score requirement of 78 or higher to take ENG 101.  Preparatory English courses are: ◦ ENG 100 ◦ ENG 202 or 210 with grade of C or higher

26  Contains all general academic information, reference to policies and procedures  Has color-coded front section on General Education Requirements ◦ This is where we will go next  Lists all departments and programs, major requirements and brief course descriptions  Found online:

27  Refer to both General Education Section and Program Section of Bulletin  Seek a balanced scheduled – a little lighter during the first term is often good advice  Think about your “prime times” for class, then stretch yourself a little and be flexible  Try one class in your major if possible

28  Students must complete Goal Areas 1-11 plus the Diverse Cultures requirement  Getting started with English 101 or Math is generally a good idea ◦ Look up the Math course required for your major ◦ Know your Math and English placement status  Need 44 general education credits  A course can count for 2 areas, plus writing intensive

29  Read the General Education and Program section of the Bulletin  Bring an outline of courses you’d like to consider for your first semester  Choose several more than you plan to take since some may not be open  Think about scheduling needs

30  Talk to me after the session IF: ◦ Concerns about AP, CLEP, PSEO, etc. ◦ Special needs for registration tomorrow ◦ Concerns about your choice of major ◦ Need to be referred to any services in order to be successful ◦ Any other reason! ◦ or 507-389-5194

31  Wait until instructions have been given before you move ahead to register.  Student assistants will help with technology, sign-in, etc. and I will help with questions about your courses, major.  Please have schedule checked before you leave.

32  This is the beginning of a great, new adventure in learning for you. We are glad you are here and want to support you in your academic success and personal development.

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