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Standards Based Report Card

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1 Standards Based Report Card
Grades 1 and 2

2 What is a Standards Based Report Card?
Litchfield School District wants parents to have as much information as possible about students’ learning. Classroom instruction is driven by the Arizona State Standards, therefore the new report card was created to better reflect your child’s progress in meeting these standards.

3 What is the advantage of a Standards-based Report Card?
A standards-based report card effectively communicates to parents and students the learning progress towards the state standards.

4 Process of Development
The process began in with a group of teachers and principals meeting twice a month to develop the format of the report card. In teacher leaders from each school met once a month to develop the content of report card and plan teacher professional development. All first and second grade teachers met monthly to learn how to use the report card effectively.

5 Report Card

6 Progress Report

7 What do the Performance Level Descriptors indicate?
E-Exceeds the Standard M-Meets the Standard APP-Approaches the Standard FFB-Falls Far Below the Standard --Not Taught Yet

8 Where can I locate the State Standards for my child’s grade level?
Arizona Department of Education Litchfield Elementary School District website under curriculum

9 How will the teacher determine if my child has met the standards?
Each student’s performance levels are derived from formal/informal assessments, student work, portfolios, and teacher observations.

10 How can I help my child achieve the state standards?
Take care of your child’s social, emotional, and physical health. Show interest in your child’s school activities. Listen, converse, plan and celebrate with your child. Make reading a natural part of your child’s daily routine. Read to your child. Have your child read to you. Don’t forget to discuss the book! Encourage activities that involve problem solving. Let your child participate in finding solutions to problems by asking for suggestions and comments.

11 Please contact your child’s teacher if you have further questions about the report card or want to discuss your child’s progress.

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