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War in the Pacific The United States and World War II.

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1 War in the Pacific The United States and World War II

2 The End of the War in Europe Allied Invasion of Germany - March 1945: Allied troops capture key cities in Western, Eastern, and Northern Germany. - American troops could have reached Berlin, Germany and Prague, Czechoslovakia, but chose to halt their advance. Victory in Europe April 25 th 1945: US and Soviet troops link April 30 th 1945: Adolf Hitler commits suicide May 8 th 1945: Germany unconditionally surrenders to the Allies (V-E Day)

3 QUESTION. Describe how the war in the Pacific unfolded immediately after the attack on Pearl Harbor. Was Pearl Harbor a success?

4 The Pacific Theatre – Japanese Empire

5 War in the Pacific – Post Pearl Harbor Japanese Domination of the Pacific Japan seized Guam, Wake Island, Hong Kong, French Indochina, Thailand, China, and reached the Aleutian Islands. Forced an American retreat from the Philippines and the Bataan Death March in 1942 Bataan Death March Forced 60 + mile march of 90,000 to 100,000 Filipino and American troops from the Bataan Peninsula to a camp in the north. Only 54,000 would reach the camp. 7,000 to 10,000 killed.

6 The Pacific Theatre American Strategy in the Pacific What was the strategy the United States used to defeat the Japanese in the Pacific? Admiral Nimitz Gen. MacArthur

7 The Aleutian Islands – War in the US

8 War in the Pacific Research and complete the chart on the major battles that took place during the Pacific Theatre of war. 1. Japanese Invasion of the Philippines Location: Philippine Islands Date: December 1941 Info & Outcome: The American controlled island was in a vital location in the middle of Japan and the South Pacific. A Japanese invasion force numbering over 40,000 troops quickly dominated vital infrastructure on the island. American and Filipino troops were captured resulting in the Bataan Death March. 2. Doolittle’s Raid Location: Tokyo, Japan Date: April 1942 Info & Outcome: The most daring operation taken by the American military in the opening stages of the war. Sixteen B52 bombers attacked Tokyo, Japan catching the Japanese by surprise and raising American morale following the attacks on Pearl Harbor and early Japanese victories in the Philippines.

9 War in the Pacific 3. Battle of the Coral Sea Location: Coral Sea (North of Australia) Date: May 1942 Info & Outcome: Halted the Japanese expansion and prevented the invasion of New Guinea. The United States suffered heavier losses than the Japanese, but the invading Japanese fleet was turned back. 4. Battle of Midway Location: Midway Island Date: June 1942 Info & Outcome: Japanese forces expected to destroy Adm. Nimitz and his three remaining aircraft carriers. Although outnumbered, the United States was able to destroy four Japanese aircraft carriers and defeat the Japanese navy in this turning point in the war in the Pacific. First modern day naval defeat for the Japanese.

10 War in the Pacific 5. Guadalcanal Location: Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands Date: August 1942 to February 1943 Info & Outcome: First major offensive for the Americans, this six month long battle that ended with a costly American victory. Allowed the Americans to secure an airbase on the island that solidified their island hopping strategy and the safety of Australia and the surrounding islands. 6. Battle of Leyte Island and the American Invasion of the Philippines Location: Philippine Islands Date: October 1944 Info & Outcome: One of the bloodiest battles to take place during WWII, Gen. MacArthur returned to the Philippines and met a notable Japanese force that would lose over 70,000 troops over the course of the battle. Japanese pilots utilized kamikaze methods which asked Japanese pilots to fly planes loaded with explosives into ships.

11 War in the Pacific 7. Iwo Jima Location: Island of Iwo Jima Date: 1945 Info & Outcome: A month long bloody battle over a “useless” volcanic island, but was the first invasion of Japanese territory. Out of 22,000 Japanese soldiers, only 212 survived. Victory on this island allowed the USA to invade Okinawa and firebomb Tokyo.

12 The End of the War in the Pacific

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