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Phone: 201 582 6663, 8452133188 URL: Steps.

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1 Phone: 201 582 6663, 8452133188 E-Mail: URL: Steps To Paint A House Interior

2 Interior house painting is an effective way to increase the value of your home.Interior house painting It can bring new look to your house. Interior house painting is not an easy job. You need assistance of an experienced house painting painting contractor

3 Following are the steps to paint a house interior:

4 1. Clean the walls: Before beginning your paint job, remove the dust, dirt, and grease spots on the walls with water, dishwashing detergent and a sponge. 2. Taping: Tape the windows, trims and door frames with a painter’s blue tape. After completing your paint job, remove the tape immediately.

5 3. Prime the walls: Before you begin your paint job, apply primer to the walls. Primer can maximize the sheen and coverage of the paint. It also gives an uniform appearance. 4. Brush the walls where you cant roll: Brush the paint around the trim and on the corners of the walls where the roller cannot reach.

6 5. W technique: For effective results, start your paint job from the corner of a wall and roll on a W pattern. Then fill it without lifting the roller. 6. Paint moldings and door: When the wall dries up completely, tape the areas where trim meets the wall. Now paint moldings, door and window frames.

7 House Painting Contractors in Spring Valley, NY If you are looking for a professional house painting contractor, Ed’s Painting & Const. is your right choice.professional house painting contractor They have been been rigorously trained to specialize in all painting jobs. They also offer a free consultation or free estimate to anyone interested.

8 Contact Us: Ed’s Painting & Const, Residential House Painting Services, NY Ph. 201 582 6663, 8452133188 Add: Edgar Parra, 5 Wolfe Dr, Spring Valley, NY 10972 E-Mail: URL:

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