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Energy Review. The unit for kinetic energy. Joule.

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1 Energy Review

2 The unit for kinetic energy. Joule

3 The quantity represented by the kilowatt hour. Answer: Electric energy

4 The unit for charge. Answer:Coulomb

5 The equation for power Answer: P=IV

6 In the equation for Ohm’s Law, represented by the “I” Answer: Current

7 The equation to solve for current which includes charge and time. Answer: I = q/t

8 The equation for Ohm’s Law Answer: V=IR

9 The rate at which energy is consumed Answer: Power

10 The definition of electric current. Answer: flow of electric charge

11 The relationship between current and resistance. Answer: direct

12 The quantity that slows down current in a circuit Answer:resistance

13 The unit for power. Answer: watt

14 The quantity that expresses the amount of energy in a charge Answer: voltage

15 The flow of positive charges in a circuit Answer: conventional current

16 The current through the starter motor of a car is 120 A. If the battery maintains 10 V across the motor, how much electric energy is delivered to the starter in 10 s? (Hint: calculate power first) Answer: Find power P=IV=120 A(10V)=1200 W Find EnergyE=PtE=1200 W(10s)=12,000J

17 In the equation for Coulomb’s Law, represented by the letter “q” Answer: charge

18 The type of relationship shown between current and voltage Answer:direct

19 The type of circuit in which one pathway exists Answer:series

20 The quantity that represents potential difference. Answer:voltage

21 A flashlight bulb is rated at 9.0 W. If the light bulb drops 3.0 V, how much current goes through it? Answer:P=IV 9.0W = I(3.0V) I=3 A

22 A drawing of a circuit using symbols Answer: schematic

23 The outcome of adding resistors in a circuit when voltage does not change. Answer: decrease in current

24 The letter that represents resistance in Ohm’s Law. Answer: R

25 The symbol that represents a battery in a circuit Answer:

26 The type of circuit in which total resistance is greater than a single resistor Answer: series

27 The total voltage drop across each resistor in a parallel circuit is ____ the total voltage in the circuit. Answer: equal to

28 The unit for resistance. Answer: ohms

29 The current through a light bulb connected across the terminals of a 125 V outlet is 0.5 A. How much power is supplied to the bulb? Answer: » P=IV » P=(0.5A)(125V) » P=62.5 W

30 The connection required for a voltmeter. Answer: Parallel

31 A lamp uses 6.0 V and 12 W when it is operating. What is the current through the lamp? Answer: P=IV 12W=I(6.0V) I=2A

32 A 15 ohm and a 5 ohm resistor are connected in series. What is the equivalent resistance? Answer: 20 ohms

33 The behavior of current in a parallel circuit. Answer: Adds up to total

34 A device for measuring current. Answer: ammeter

35 Draw a parallel circuit with three lamps in parallel, and a battery.

36 Three types of energy which electric energy can be converted to Answer: sound, light, heat

37 A device for measuring voltage. Answer: voltmeter

38 Type of circuit in which current is the same through each branch. Answer: series

39 The type of connection used for an ammeter Answer: series

40 An outlet that prevents injuries that are caused when an electric appliance falls into water. It contains an electric circuit that detects an extra current path and opens the circuit. Answer: ground fault interrupter

41 The symbol for a resistor in a circuit. Answer: Ώ

42 An automatic switch that opens when the current reaches a value greater than the rated value in the circuit. Answer: circuit breaker

43 A mobile source of electric power Answer: battery

44 The man who created the first battery to produce a lasting current Answer: Volta

45 Type of circuit in which voltage is the same through each branch. Answer: parallel

46 The current that passes through a 6 ohm resistor and uses 12 V. Answer: V=IR » 12V=I (6.0 ohms) » I=2A

47 Draw a series circuit with one lamp, battery and ammeter.

48 The purpose of a resistor in a circuit. Answer: decrease current

49 The flow of electric charge Answer: current

50 One way in which current can be increased in a circuit. Answer: increase voltage or decrease resistance

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