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PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE Achieved National Standards Certification 2008 Recertification 2014 “A Catalyst for Community Solutions”

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1 PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE Achieved National Standards Certification 2008 Recertification 2014 “A Catalyst for Community Solutions”

2 Discussion Topics 1.Mission 2.Programs 3.Fiscal Sponsorships 4.Community Service 5.Research Projects 6.Permanent Funds

3 Mission and Purpose The Foundation’s Mission -To develop, receive, administer and manage, under community control, funds received from public and private sources and distribute them for charitable purposes, primarily to meet local needs. What Is A Community Foundation? The Community Foundation is a unique product of a democratic society built on private enterprise. This foundation is designed to address the changing and diverse needs of the community.

4 Past Programs The Homeless Prevention Center –development of a collaborative of agencies providing homeless services –development of a process and assessment as well as i-800 number to provide countywide access to homeless service information using the live call center. –Collected data from 5 county region and created database for health and human services organizations –Funded by North Penn Community Health Foundation, United Ways in Southeastern PA and Southern New Jersey, and North Wales United Way –Added 211 live-call centers and transitioned project to Phila. United Way for permanent upkeep

5 Past Programs Housing First –A pilot project designed to test the theory that changing how the homeless enter the system and leave the system and saving dollars as well as enhancing the dignity of those who are homeless.

6 Past Programs Upper Perkiomen Valley Coalition Project –identify needs and strengthen organizations’ abilities to provide those needs in this particular community Learners to Leaders Project – 4 year civic engagement project funded by Atlantic Philanthropies (part of a national effort.)

7 Current Programs Creative Montco –manage funds and partner with the community college, Montgomery County Planning Commission, the Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance, and Abington Art Center Advocates Against Hunger –foundation funds and convenes this group of local volunteers and agency representatives that come together to address the hunger needs in the local community –seek to increase the volunteers and provide community education on the hunger needs

8 Current Programs Your Way Home –foundation is a funder and partner in the planning of this project which started with the Housing First project –we will seek to be the program office for the project, managing grants from NPCHF and multiple other sources of funding –foundation will supervise the consultants and provide financial and outcomes reports.

9 Future Programs Creative Montco 3-5 year, board-approved commitment manage funds and the project in collaboration with the other organizations. Your Way Home 3 Year commitment manage funds and the project in collaboration with the funders

10 Fiscal Sponsorships –The foundation receives funds from other foundations and donors for the groups that we sponsor. Advocates Against Hunger Your Way Home Creative Montco Montgomery County Health Alliance The Montgomery County Commission on Women & Families Montgomery County Elder Abuse

11 Educational Programs For Non-Profits And The Public Programs are provided by professionals in their fields and at no charge to the foundation, non- profits, or the public Foundation provides educational programs for: non-profit staff and Board members Economic development for small for-profit business Funders Other groups in the human services and arts and culture fields.

12 Past Educational Programs 990’s And How To Make The Best Use Of Them Insurances Needed For Non-profits (Lindsay Insurance Company) How to Hire Consultants (LaSalle Non-Profit Center) 2013 Programs: –How to Understand Financial Reports for Grant-makers

13 Educational Programs Using Social Media to Increase Your Business Advocates Against Hunger – Community Seminar Creative Montco Summit Governance for Non-Profit Clinics Non-Profit Finance Fund - TBD Other non-profit programs

14 Community Services Meetings held at the Foundation: Women In Insurance and Financial Services Friends Life Care Intervention Associates Your Way Home Advocates Against Hunger Committee of Creative Montco Innovations HomeCare Leadership Council for Women In Philanthropy Rotary Community Impact Professional Advisors

15 Research Projects BoomerANG –Study to enhance services for the elderly and develop a plan for the future of Senior Centers Health and Welfare Needs Assessment of Montgomery County The Creative Montco Project research Phase 1 –the foundation implemented and fiscally manages this project and has 4 community partners that serve as the executive committee.

16 Research Projects Creative Montco Phase 2 –foundation has committed to an additional 3 years of fiscal management/funding to implement the recommendations of phase one, the research.

17 Permanent Funds Permanent Endowment Funds –the foundation is working to increase the number of funds and donors –endowment funds can address donors’ causes, specific agencies, scholarships Unrestricted Permanent Funds ̶ the foundation is working to increase the number of donors and to establish funds that are able to be used for community needs as they arise ̶ funds support the changing needs of the communities we serve

18 Permanent Funds By increasing the number of these funds and donor interest through establishing permanent endowment funds and unrestricted permanent funds, the foundation can continue to make a significant impact for the donors and the community.

19 Contact us today! The official registration and financial information of The Montgomery County Foundation, Inc. may be obtained from the Pennsylvania Department of State by calling toll-free, within Pennsylvania, 1-800-732-0999. Registration does not imply endorsement. The Pension Protection Act of 2006 requires that we notify you that The Montgomery County Foundation, Inc. has exclusive legal control over the contributed assets. 4 Sentry Parkway East, Suite 302, Blue Bell, PA 19422 Phone: 484-532-7387 Fax: 610-897-8957 Email:

20 Thank you for Learning The Montgomery County Foundation, Inc. A Catalyst for Community Solutions

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