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Thanksgiving What’s it all about?.

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1 Thanksgiving What’s it all about?

2 History of Thanksgiving:
Pilgrims came to the USA in December 1620. A lot of them died in the first winter With help from the Native Americans, they were able to grow food and have a plentiful harvest the next Fall

3 The First Thanksgiving
The first thanksgiving was in the fall of 1621 It was a big meal to give thanks for surviving and having food for the next winter (was not religious) The pilgrims and Native Americans (the Wampanoag tribe) worked together to gather and prepare food for the feast

4 What did they eat? Meats: fish, venison, maybe turkey
Vegetables: maize, pumpkins Fruits: apples, pears

5 Official Thankgiving:
1863 – Abe Lincoln pronounced the last Thursday of November “a day of thanksgiving and praise to the beneficent Father.” (although the first Thanksgiving wasn’t religious). 1939 – President Roosevelt moved the date one week earlier to make Christmas shopping season longer

6 Thanksgiving now! When?: 4th Thursday of November
Where?: The USA and Canada Who?: Everyone. It’s one holiday that everyone can celebrate regardless of religion, skin color, sexual orientation etc. What?: FOOD! A lot of it.

7 What we eat today: Turkey Stuffing Mashed potatoes Cranberry sauce
Corn Green beans Sweet potatoes Pies – pumpkin, apple, cherry

8 Thanksgiving traditions:
Macy’s Day Parade:

9 President pardons a turkey

10 Thanksgiving Day football games:

11 Breaking the wishbone

12 What are YOU thankful for?
The most important part of Thanksgiving is thinking about the people and things that you are thankful for. What are YOU thankful for?

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