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Brazil & Russia Cultural Exploration.

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1 Brazil & Russia Cultural Exploration

2 Welcome to Brazil!

3 Where is it Located? Brazil is located in South America.
It has 26 republics. Brazil is 3.22 million miles sq. Brazils’ official name is the Federative Republic Of Brazil. Although Brazil does have a national anthem it does not have a name besides “Brazil’s National Anthem”

4 The Flag The national flag of Brazil is a blue celestial globe, depicting a starry sky, spanned by a white band with the countries motto; “Ordem E Progresso” which means order and progress, within a yellow rhombus and a green field. There are 27 stars representing each of the federal units, plus one for the federal district. Green- represents the forest Yellow- represents the mineral wealth in Brazil. Blue- represents the sky over Rio the day the republic of Brazil was declared. (November 15, 1889)

5 History The Portuguese were the first European settlers to arrive in the area which was in the 1500’s when the arrived they found Indians- about 7 million. Other Europeans followed and among them so did sugar and with sugar came slaves. Later in the 19th century coffee brought another wave of Europeans. In 1889 they became the Republic of Brazil.

6 Population and Religions
Population million (The 6th largest population in the world) Religion- National Catholic 73.6% Sub religions Protestants- 15.4% Spiritualist- 1.3% None-7.4% Other- 1.8%

7 Beliefs OR Norms Dark or purple gifts are unacceptable because they are for mourning. They still shake hands and kiss cheeks. Over dressing is deemed more acceptable than under dressing You are supposed to arrive early to every event. Typically the darker your skin is the less money you make. The income barrier is dark, the upper class does not associate with the lower class.

8 Fun Facts! Capital- Brasilia Language- Portuguese
Secondary languages Spanish and German Woman are teachers and nurses Brazil has a “mixed economy”, they are rich in natural resources and private sectors. Conflicts Police were greeted with stones when they tried to remove squatters from abandoned buildings in Rio. A woman was robbed live on TV while talking about crime in Brazil.

9 Welcome to Russia!

10 Where is it located? Russia is located in the eastern region of Europe. It has 83 republics. Russia is 6.60 million miles sq. Its official name is The Federation of Russia The State Anthem of the Russian Federation is Russia’s national anthem.

11 The Flag It exhibits the tricolors red, white, and blue.
The white represents peace and harmony Blue represents loyalty and justice Red represents honesty and bravery Random fun fact: the study of flags is call vexiollogist.

12 History Early Russia was not “Russia” but was a collection of somewhat “cities” that came together and became a colossal empire. Later Russia suffered during many wars, including World War One.

13 Population and Religion
Population million Religion- Christianity 75% Islam 5% 8% consider themselves atheists Catholicism, Protestiscm, Judaism, Buddhism 1%

14 Subcultures Punks Hippies Freestylers Skinheads

15 More Fun Facts! Russia capital is Moscow
Russia has a mixed economy, 8th largest in the world. Ukraine which is in Russia is rich in the following natural resources oil, gas, and coal. Russia holds the largest petroleum industry in the world The most popular job section among Russians is Agriculture.

16 Beliefs and Norms They never shake hands over a door way they believe it increases the chance of an argument Mothers do not show their baby to anyone besides the husband until 40 days after the birth. On examination day it is bad luck to wear anything new, make your bed, or cut your fingernails. If someone steps on someone else's it is common for the other person to lightly step back on there's to avoid conflict. You can never wish someone an early birthday. Things that are needed for a baby are to be bought after the baby is born.

17 Would I live here I would love to visit Brazil, I would even stay there for a couple of months. However that being said I still wouldn’t give up my residency in The United States, I have 50 distinctly different sates that I could stay in, I wouldn’t give that up! I would NOT like to live in Russia. I barely am interested in visiting there. They have a absolute monarch and that is not a type of government I would want running my life, or “protecting” me.

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