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Deerfield High School STEM Presentation CAREERS IN SOCIAL BUSINESS.

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1 Deerfield High School STEM Presentation CAREERS IN SOCIAL BUSINESS


3 SOCIAL BUSINESS LANDSCAPE Social Media Enterprise Social Networking

4 ENTERPRISE SOCIAL NETWORKS Uses the concepts of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn to create socially enabled communities within a business environment.

5 Information Systems majors & minors Combined degrees in engineering and business Completely new related fields Mobile technology & development Social Media & Digital Marketing Big Data and web analytics Enterprise social technology Community management User Interface / User Experience (UI/UX) Degrees in Data Processing Computer Programming Fortran, COBOL, CICS, Pascal Mainframe & “new” PCs Assembly language programming Hardware Development CAREERS IN INFORMATION SYSTEMS Back in 1986….Today…. By the time you leave college, courses & careers that do not yet exist will be the new trend

6 RELATED FIELDS OF STUDY Engineering Electrical Engineering Mechanical Engineering Networking and Infrastructure design Chip design Computer Science Software development Operating system development Mobile development and related languages Data structures and algorithms Business technology Digital Marketing Social media management Information systems design Project management Database management Product design / product management Communications Mathematics Statistics and statistical analysis Data structures and algorithms Data Analytics, Big Data and metrics Graphics / Fine Arts User Interface design Mobile design User Experience Digital marketing Graphic Design Digital advertising

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