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Changes for 2010 Premium increase for HMO - Blue Choice and CIGNA Opportunity to increase Optional Life level New Optional Life Provider Health Savings.

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2 Changes for 2010 Premium increase for HMO - Blue Choice and CIGNA Opportunity to increase Optional Life level New Optional Life Provider Health Savings Account maximum Vision Care Dental Plus rate increase Tobacco Surcharge $25.00

3 What you can do during this enrollment period. Change from one health plan to another. Increase/Decrease Optional Life. Increase/Decrease Dependent Life Spouse. Enroll in State Vision Care Plan. Add or drop dependents. Enroll/Dis-enroll in Dental Plus. Enroll or re-enroll in MoneyPlu$ MSA and Dependent Day Care Accounts. May re-enroll in spending accounts on line at Change your Health Savings Account amount. May make changes on MyBenefits.

4 Blue Choice HMO CIGNA Monthly Rates $185.56- Enrollee $508.78-Enrollee /Spouse $382.66- Enrollee/Child(ren) $741.22- Full Family SHPs-No increase in monthly premiums Lifetime max $2 million per person Monthly Rates $251.94- Enrollee $608.42- Enrollee/ Spouse $518.08- Enrollee/Child(ren) $930.84 -Full Family

5 HMO Changes Blue Choice Cigna Coinsurance 85%/15% Coinsurance max $2,000/$4,000 Physician Visit co-pay $15 Specialist co-pay $40 Pharmacy co-pay $8/$15/$35/55 Lifetime max $2 million per person No routine vision benefit Lifetime max to $2 million per person No routine vision benefit

6 APS- Mental Health and Substance Abuse Effective January 1, 2010, (APS) will cover out-of- network services. New online Access to Claims and EOB’s.

7 Tobacco Surcharge Effective January 1, 2010, a $25 a month surcharge will be added to health insurance premium of subscribers who use tobacco or who cover family members who do. Persons who fail to complete a certification will be assessed the same non-refundable surcharge.

8 VISION CARE Comprehensive program covers eye exams and eye wear. Current vision care discount program will still exist, but cannot be combined with the new program at the time of service. The new vision plan will also use a different network of providers. Beginning January 1, 2010, Blue Choice Health Plan and CIGNA HMO will no longer offer vision routine vision care coverage. Anyone eligible for health insurance through the EIP is eligible for vision coverage. Active employees may pay for vision before taxes are deducted through MoneyPlu$.

9 Vision Care Rate Exam – Once every calendar year Frames – Once every 2 calendar years (Eyeglass) Lenses or Contact Lenses – Once every calendar year

10 Dental Plus Rates Monthly Premiums Enrollee $22.04 Enrollee/ Spouse$41.72 Enrollee/Child(ren)$45.54 Full Family$65.22

11 Optional Life MET LIFE new carrier. Employees can enroll in and/or increase coverage in $10,000 increments up to $50,000 without providing medical evidence of good health. For amounts above $50,000 in $10,000 increments up to $500,000 medical evidence required. $500,000 maximum benefit. Can decrease or cancel coverage. Premium decrease.

12 Dependent Life Increase dependent life spouse coverage. Enroll dependent spouse for up to $20,000. Cannot exceed 50 percent of employee’s optional life benefit amount, or $100,000, whichever is less. Dependent Life Child(ren) did not change.

13 My Insurance Manager Review claims status. View and print copy of your Explanation of Benefits (EOB). View amount paid toward annual deductible and coinsurance maximum. Ask customer service a question. Locate a network provider.

14 How to make changes Use MyBenefits (preferred)! Come into the office. Complete a paper Notice Of Election. Re-enroll on line at FBMC (preferred). Enroll with paper for first time participant in a MSA or Dependent Day Care Account.

15 Supplemental Long-Term Disability Enroll in supplemental long-term disability with medical evidence of insurability. Change from the 180 day to 90 day with medical evidence of insurability. Change from 90 day to 180 day without medical evidence. Cancel supplemental long-term disability.

16 MyBenefits Go to Enroll or access your current MyBenefits account. 1 st time users must register. Available to online users until midnight October 31, 2009. Detailed instructions in Insurance Advantage. PAPER Notice Of Election completed by Friday October 30, 2009.

17 Reminders- On line users If you want to make beneficiary changes and enrollment changes at the same time, remember to make the beneficiary change first and 48 hours later make the enrollment change. Prior to finishing you should enter submit or approve twice. You will then be prompted to print a copy for your record. Print your copy!

18 MoneyPlu$ Enrolling and re-enrolling in MoneyPlu$. First-time MoneyPlu$ subscribers must see their benefits administrator to enroll. Current MoneyPlu$ spending account(s) participants can re-enroll online. Visit FBMC’s web site

19 MoneyPlus-Grace Period Can incur expenses through March 15, 2010, provided your account is active on December 31, 2009. Rule applies to Medical Spending Accounts and to “limited use” Medical Spending Accounts. Don’t wait to submit 2009 MSA claims and documentation (particularly if you have begun submitting 2010 claims).

20 Remember, during grace period Medical Spending Account (MSA) claims for services rendered in 2010 received during the grace period will be paid with unspent 2009 money first. If you wait to file claims for 2009 expenses, your 2009 account may be exhausted.

21 EZ REIMBURSE® VISA Card® Service provider must have terminal eligible medical expenses such as co pays and deductibles subtracted at point-of-sale (substantiation of claims may be required). $10 annual fee deducted from Medical Spending Account.

22 EZ reimbursement card January 1, 2010, you cannot use card at stores that have not met certain electronic coding requirements for prescriptions and eligible over-the-counter items. EZ REIMBURSE® VISA CARD®.

23 Health Savings Account HSA contributions -- limits and “catch-up” provision. 2010 contributions limited to $3,050 for individuals $6,150 for family. Catch-up provisions for individuals age 55 and older additional $1,000 for 2010.

24 Reminders Check your December 15 th payroll for health, dental, dental plus, vision, optional life insurance and supplemental long-term disability (SLTD) changes. January 15 th for Medical Spending Account (MSA) and Dependent Day Care changes. Print off a copy of any on line transactions ! Keep a copy of any paper forms completed. Call the Human Resources office for assistance.


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