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Introduction to Salesforce Technology Capacity Webinar Series January-March 2014.

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1 Introduction to Salesforce Technology Capacity Webinar Series January-March 2014

2 About ZeroDivide ZeroDivide is a social impact consulting organization that stays true to our original community foundation mission of improving the health, opportunity and civic engagement of underserved communities through the innovative use of technology.

3 Upcoming Tech Thursday webinars January 30: Networking and Security February 13: Filesharing and Backup February 20: Tech on a Budget February 27: Tech for Program Service Delivery

4 Logistics To hear audio, press the audio button at the top of the screen and choose “use your computer Mic and Speaker” To ask questions type I the chat box on the left side of the screen

5 Logistics

6 Wait for the recording to start…

7 Presenters Brian Gallagher – Program Manager, ZeroDivide Amro Radwan – Director of Technology, ZeroDivide

8 Agenda What is Salesforce How do you access a free product donation What types of data is Salesforce set up to manage Overview of the basic functionality What are some of the potential pro’s and con’s of using Salesforce for your organization A live tour of the system Q and A

9 What is Salesforce A cloud based Constituent Record Management (CRM) System. All you need is an internet connection and a web browser to access your data. Data is stored on remote secure servers and is automatically backed up everyday. With training, the platform is highly customizable to meet the specific needs of your organization. Can be as simple or as complex as you need. Foundation offers a “Nonprofit Starter Pack” version that has more specific functionality around nonprofit needs such as tracking fundraising efforts.

10 How do I access Salesforce? The Foundation offers 10 free licenses (user accounts) to nonprofit organizations. Additional licenses can be purchased at a rate of 80% off the normal price. Free and low cost online trainings are available through Salesforce. Intensive multi-day in person training classes are also available regionally offered at a severely discounted rate for nonprofits.

11 What type of data can I manage in Salesforce Organizational information (Accounts) Individual contact information (Contacts) Fundraising data /Transactional records Outreach campaigns, track events Communications – activity history, email repository, log a call, document storage, etc. Can generate complex reports that can be exported into spreadsheets for additional data manipulation Dashboards can be created based on report queries 100s of customizable apps and 3 rd party apps that can be integrated

12 Additional Features Mail merge communications features. Email and document templates can be created to automatically integrate data from Salesforce fields. Email tracking

13 Additional Features Chatter – an internal social media feed for users at your organization. Survey integration features. Online surveys from 3 rd party apps can have the data automatically be sent into Salesforce. Highly customizable objects can be created to suit your organizations needs.

14 Benefits of Salesforce Access to your data from anywhere (Efficiency) Powerful Reporting Tools that can be Customized (Effectiveness) Big Nonprofit Community (10K Non Profits) App Exchange, Tons of discounted or Free Apps

15 Common Salesforce Challenges for Non Profits Complex - can be overwhelming at first Takes time to Learn Sales Lingo (sometimes requires a translation) Implementation and customization. This can be a significant cost to hire a consultant to customize the platform for your organization and import your current data.

16 Salesforce Data Model What is a Data Model? How Objects in Salesforce are used to track data for the organization What is an Object? A data structure used to store data AKA “table”. Columns and Rows

17 Salesforce Data Model Account Contacts OpportunityLeadsCases ALL OBJECTS must be related to an Account (Organization).

18 Training Resources Salesforce offers online moduals website offers online trainings focused on nonprofits


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