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LIFESTYLE Making the healthy choice the easy choice HEALTHY INITIATIVE.

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1 LIFESTYLE Making the healthy choice the easy choice HEALTHY INITIATIVE

2 Vision The University of Missouri Extension Healthy Lifestyle Initiative is working to create healthy communities that support the availability of healthy, affordable, locally-produced food and safe, accessible physical activity.

3 To achieve this, we will work with families, youth, community members, agricultural producers, business leaders, healthcare providers, and others in four demonstration sites in Missouri. Boone County Dent County Lafayette/Jackson Counties Ralls County

4 We believe that our collaboration will create: replicable models to combat overweight, obesity, sedentary lifestyle and related diseases positive behavior change and impact lifelong health within the community.

5 Funding Extension $782,900 over three years Outside Sources Healthcare Foundation of Greater Kansas City $254,600 over two years Missouri Foundation for Health $130,000 over one year

6 Team Human Environmental Sciences Ann Cohen & Dale Brigham–Co-Directors Agriculture/Natural Resources Chris Matthews Community Development Jana Porter 4-H Youth Development Max Warner Business Development Stanley Woronick

7 FY-08 Plan Initial Meetings Healthy Lifestyle County Councils Community Resource Assessments Community Surveys

8 SMALL GROUP DISCUSSION Community Resource Identification








16 Planning Process Survey - Community Input Individual Motivators and Support


18 Adult Survey Results Satisfaction with current health status Dent51.9% Ralls61.7% L-J60.7% People attempting to improve health status through Changing their food choices (currently) Dent70.9% Ralls65.8% L-J68.3% Changing their physical activity level (currently) Dent70.7% Ralls65.6% L-J63.7%

19 Adult Survey Results Why are you physically active All Counties“to look and feel better” Why do you eat the food you eat All Counties“tastes good”

20 Adult Survey Results What will help you increase your physical activity level Dent“Health/Fitness Community Center” Ralls“a friend or family member to exercise with” L-J“a friend or family member to exercise with” What would help you eat more fruits and vegetables All Counties“reasonably priced fruits and vegetables”

21 Adult Survey Results What prevents you from getting regular physical activity All Counties“lack of time” What contributes to unhealthy lifestyles in your community Adults Dent“not a personal priority” Ralls“lack of time” L-J“lack of time” Youth All Counties“too much screen time”

22 Youth Survey Results Why do you choose to be physically active? Ralls To have fun To be healthy For Sports Dent To look and feel better To be healthy To have fun Lafayette/Jackson To be healthy To have fun To look and feel better

23 Youth Survey Results Why do you choose the food that you eat? Ralls & Dent It tastes good What is at home It is easy to prepare and ready to eat Lafayette/Jackson It tastes good What is at home It looks good

24 Youth Survey Results What would help you be physically active? Ralls Sports teams More PE time A friend to exercise with Dent A friend to exercise with Dance, Karate, weight lifting or other fitness activities Sports teams Lafayette/Jackson A friend to exercise with Sports teams Walking and Biking Trails

25 Youth Survey Results What would help you eat healthier foods? Ralls & Dent More F&V in school Cooking classes Parents eating healthy foods Lafayette/Jackson More F&V in school Parents eating healthy foods Parents encourage me to eat more F&V

26 FY-09 PLANS

27 Boone County (Columbia) Focus: Community Food Project Urban agriculture/community gardens Low-income families Food bank Youth Education hands-on component of the agriculture Youth Entrepreneurship Youth coalition

28 Dent County (Salem) After-school physical activity programs Trail System Sustainability Plan for Community Center Community Food Promotion Demonstrations Education School Wellness Policies School Food Increase physical activity time during day Locally Grown Food Master Gardener Partner youth organizations with local gardeners

29 Ralls County (New London) Healthy Food Awareness Demonstrations Education School Food School Garden FFA/FACS Local Farmers’ Market Physical Activity Skate Park (portable) All-weather track Facility use during winter Youth involvement (voice) Youth task force/commission Spearhead community promotion campaign

30 Lafayette County (Higginsville) Food Community Event (improve & promote) Farm to School program Wellness policies Kids in the Kitchen – FFA – FACS Increase locally grown food Mentoring (master gardeners/youth) Built Environment Trail Development Local park policies Social Support Parental involvement (Family approaches to PA)

31 E XTENSION C OUNCILS Extension Councils Healthy Lifestyle Initiative is your resource What “healthy lifestyle” projects are going on in your county? Key Stakeholders & Local Champions Planning – Long Term Process

32 Planning Process


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