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EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY 2 ENGLISH MAJORS. What are the initiatives of the Philippine Government in bridging the gap between Traditional teachers and Digital.

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2 What are the initiatives of the Philippine Government in bridging the gap between Traditional teachers and Digital learners ?


4 Math teachers sent to UP for training  The Department of Education (DepEd) will send some 590 Grade 1 teachers from DepEd divisions nationwide to a training seminar to enhance their teaching of interactive Mathematics.  The three-day event will be conducted on July 8-10, 2013 by experts from the University of the Philippines-National Institute for Science and Mathematics Education Development  (UP-NISMED).

5 Math teachers sent to UP for training  The four trainers from UP-NISMED will facilitate the sessions on teaching ten lessons with 16 activities on Grade 1 Mathematics courseware.  This development came in the heels of a successful pilot run in ten selected public elementary schools of the Improving Technology-Enhanced Activities for Creative Honing of Mathematical Skills (iTEACH) program.

6 iTEACH  iTEACH is a collaborative project of DepEd, the Department of Science and Technology- Science Education Institute, Advanced Science and Technology Institute, Philippine Council for Industry, Energy and emerging Technology Research and Development and the UP-NISMED.

7 Philippine Daily Inquirer Future teachers prepare for digital education Monday, February 4th, 2013

8 Future teachers prepare for digital education  The Philippine Normal University (PNU), the National Center of Teacher Education of the Philippines, partnered with Vibal Publishing House Inc. (VPHI) for the establishment of the Center for Digital Learning (CDL) to promote the use of technology in Philippine education.

9 Future teachers prepare for digital education  The center is an air-conditioned classroom with at least 20 personal computers and tablets donated by VPHI.  It will be used to create educational materials, develop proficiency in technology across disciplines for both teachers and students, and as venue for the annual PNU- Vibal Summer ICT (information and communication technology) Training program.

10 THE VPHI AND PNU ADVOCACY “Promoting greater interactivity, widening access to knowledge that will enrich teaching, learning and developing skills in accessing, processing and utilizing information.”

11 2012 National Teachers' Training Workshop of the Western Visayas College of Science and Technology (WVCST)- April 16-19, 2012 November 29, 2011

12 Trainings  Multimedia Presentation  Photoshop for Teachers;  School Website Development;  Computer Repair and Maintenance;  Computer Programming for High School Teachers;  Computer Networking and Trouble Shooting;  Action Research in 32 Hours;  Technology and Livelihood Training for Community Development.

13 Objectives  enhance the capability of the teacher- participants in integrating ICT teaching and learning;  provide them with knowledge and skills on each specific training workshop area;  maintain and maximize the use of the ICT infrastructure of the school; and  equip these teachers on how to do action research and livelihood skill for students, and community development.

14 The participants to this training-workshop are the elementary and high school teachers and administrators. The training is limited to twenty five (25) participants per workshop to give equal opportunity to all participants.

15 UPOU and PLDT Continue to Collaborate on ICT Training for Teachers UP Open University Publication 29 th of September 2014

16 PLDT InfoTech Outreach Program (Los Baños, Laguna) The UP Open University’s Faculty of Information Studies (FICS) Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT) Intel-Philippines Department of Education (DEPEd) Technical Education Skills and Development Authority (TESDA).

17 Objectives  To train teachers and students on the use of computer and internet as productive tools to enhance the instruction process and to make learning enjoyable.  It also aimed to help the teachers cope with the K-12 curriculum requirement of integrating modern technologies in teaching.  The training of students on ICT is also part of the program.

18  PLDT also sees teachers as important in shaping the minds and hearts of future generations and preparing the country’s future leaders. A total of 14 participating areas were identified from Luzon (6), Visayas (4), Mindanao (2) and Metro Manila (2). The Division ICT Coordinator and two other teachers from each participating area attended the training.

19 Teachers from 4 Provinces to Receive Free ICT Training Sunday, May 12, 2013 Silliman State University Publications

20 THEME: “ICT in Teacher Education in Region 7: Benchmarking, Training, Technology Development towards Innovative Teaching and Learning” The activity recognizes the need for teachers to be updated on recent trends and techniques in the use of internet technology.

21 Teachers from 4 Provinces to Receive Free ICT Training  The College of Computer Studies (CCS) is administering a series of training on information and communication technology (ICT) to teachers in four provinces: Negros Oriental, Siquijor, Cebu and Bohol.

22  It starts its first session on May 14 to 18 in Silliman University, with its first batch composed of 30 teachers from Negros Oriental and Siquijor. Similar training sessions are scheduled off-site: Cebu on May 21 to 25 and Bohol on May 28 to June 1.

23  Participants will be oriented on ICT operations and concepts using international ICT competency standards.  Silliman is designated Center of Development in Information Technology Education by the Commission on Higher Education.  The series of training by CCS is a product of a grant from CHED through the Philippine Higher Education Research Network, of which Silliman is one of the selected members.

24 INTERNET SEARCH TIPS TIP 6: Use Specialty Search Engines (, TIP 8: Search Intuitively

25 “Innovative teaching can recuperate the nation and the motherland’s next generation.”

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