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2 Step 1 Materials: 1 large sheet of construction paper Coloring pencils
Pen or Pencil Scissors Glue Earth’s Layers Foldable Handout

3 Earth’s Layers


5 Step 2 - Coloring Now…Take you Earth’s Layers Foldable Handout and color it using the following Color Key: Inner Core- RED Outer Core-RED-ORANGE Lower Mantle-ORANGE Middle Mantle-LIGHT-ORANGE Upper Mantle-YELLOW Oceanic Crust- DARK BROWN Continental Crust-PURPLE Crust- GREEN Ocean - BLUE

6 Step 3 – Small Labels Cut the small labels from the left of the colored part. Attach those labels to the correct parts of your model. Use the picture as a guide. DON’T LOSE ANY PIECES!!

7 Step 4 – Folding Take one sheet of paper and fold it in half hamburger style. Cut it in half. At the top right corner of 1 of the sheets write in your name & hour. Arrange the 2 sheets with the name sheet at the top and each evenly spaced (see photo/next slide). Fold them & line up to have them stapled. Quietly watch Bill Nye – Earth’s Crust while you’re waiting.


9 Step 5-Cutting & Pasting
Cut out Earth’s layers and arrange in order, one per layer, centered on the brown sheets. Glue

10 Step 6

11 Step 3 Cut out the Four Small Squares…
And the 12 small labels ( all the words) Remember to Cut out the Title : The Earth’s Layers Keep all your trash on your desk in a neat pile. (We will come around to the desks to pick up trash) Now Set all these labels in one neat pile on your desk and don’t loose them….I will not give you a new sheet because you lost one piece …

12 Step8 Now…for the content of our Foldable… Each Layer of the Earth will have three areas that you are going to have to write about . You will need a textbook or class notes. Gateways pages For Example: see next slide

13 Step 8 continued…. The Crust Composition: The crust is made of…
Thickness: The thickness of the crust is about…km State of matter: The state of matter of the crust is ……(solid, liquid or gas)


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