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September 20, 2012 Back to School Night Senior Meeting.

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1 September 20, 2012 Back to School Night Senior Meeting

2 The Process Begins….  Senior meetings will begin the first week of October  Finalize college selections (before Oct. 1 st )  Finish college applications  Update or start an academic resume  Continue looking at possible majors  Go on college visits!  Take the SAT/ACT  Meet with college reps when they visit

3 College Applications  Many applications are online  Print Counselor Forms online to bring in  Fill out application NEATLY  Bring to Counselor Office to get transcript, etc.  We cannot send in any money!  Keep a folder or file with all your info in it  Keep a calendar of deadlines!  Ask teachers for recommendation letters early

4 Where to Access Applications Click on Counselor’s Corner

5 Click on College Applications

6 College Go! Week  A great time to apply  September 24-28, 2012  Encourages students to take practical steps in preparation for college  Certain colleges and universities will waive the application fee during this week!

7 College Application Do’s and Don’ts  Keep it neat (legible)  No nicknames (emails, etc)  Write in pen – all in one color  Complete everything  Sign it!  Include your money  Apply online if possible  Have them all done by Thanksgiving

8 Registering for SAT / ACT  Register for SAT online at  Register for ACT online at  Be sure to send scores to Whiting – School Code is 153810  Be sure to send scores to colleges  See Mrs. Duncan about a fee waiver if you qualify for free-reduced lunch



11 COLLEGE IS EXPENSIVE, BUT NOT IMPOSSIBLE!  Average Community College $3,000  Average Public University $16,000  Average Private University $28,000  Elite Private College $40,000 +

12 Financial Aid Information  Attend Financial Aid Night at Whiting HS on January 24, 2013  Complete FAFSA online: the STUDENT and PARENT both need a PIN  PIN is the electronic signature  Apply early for PIN numbers at  is the website to complete the FAFSA online



15 College Quick Facts  Many families qualify for financial aid even though they think they make too much money  Colleges are in competition for students  Colleges have empty seats to fill  Colleges will pay for good students  90% of students attending private colleges receive financial aid

16 Additional Tips  Follow up with college if you get a rejection letter  If test scores or grades are low, send in application with a letter of explanation and/or recommendation  Apply to at least one private and one public school

17 Scholarship Information  Apply early and apply often  There are many good scholarship search engines online that are free: helps you find money for college as well as learn about the entire financial aid process. Search to find scholarships and information on financial aid, job, and internships  The more information you have, the more prepared you’ll be to plan for your future

18 Academic Scholarships  Most commonly thought of scholarships  Usually need a good GPA or standardized test scores, such as SAT/ACT  Often related to academic performance, but can also be given to a candidate displaying artistic or athletic excellence  Example: National Merit Scholarship  qualify by taking the PSAT and receiving a high student score  If you do not qualify for an academic scholarship, don’t worry!

19 Student Specific Scholarships  Chances are there is at least one scholarship out there that you’re eligible for  Make a list of what makes you special, and look into the organizations, local groups, and private corporations that may have funding set aside for education  Example: Scholarships for left-handed students, students with a particular last name, tall students and students who are vegetarians  Best Buy runs a scholarship program for incoming college students interested in community service

20 Student Specific Scholarships  The good thing about having a unique hobby is that the awards for those hobbies may be less competitive than needs-based or more high- profile scholarships  Think about what makes you stand out, and consider contacting local organizations that fit those criteria  If you’re going into a field that is unique, look to your community for awards in that field of study you’re pursuing

21 Community Scholarships  Scholarship providers like to see people from their communities succeed  They often offer local scholarships available only to residents of their community  The number of students who qualify is based on location, so chances of winning local scholarships are often better  This can make local scholarships an attractive and easy option for funding your education.  Example: BP offers scholarships to children of its employees who achieve academic excellence  McDonalds offers scholarships to employees who are a high school senior and show commitment to school, work, and volunteering in their community

22 Other Ways to Find Local Scholarships  Local Scholarship Bulletin  Morning announcements at school  Scholarship Corner across from Mrs. Duncan’s office  The Counselor’s Corner website Go to Whiting High School website Click on the “For Students” heading Select the “The Counselor’s Corner” link  Whiting High School online announcements

23 Counselor’s Corner Updated Weekly!!

24 When to Apply  Watch application deadlines According to the National Scholarship Database, 60% of scholarship deadlines fall between February and April  Students should begin applying at least a few months prior to this, preferably between September and December  Now is the time!

25 Websites of Interest  Information about SAT, SAT practice tests, SAT sign-up, links to college websites  Information about ACT, ACT practice tests, ACT sign-up and more  Indiana’s own website to research colleges and careers  Free internet college scholarship search and financial aid resource  A great site for researching scholarships and getting financial aid information

26 Websites of Interest  Provides useful information by grade level to prepare for college, apply to college, what to ask on a campus visit, and much more!  Provides college planning timeline, figures and information about preparing and paying for college, a savings growth calculator, and information about Indiana Colleges  Offers products and services for parents and students who need to fund a college education  Take a virtual tour of over 1200 college campuses! A great place to start the college search process  Online system that helps students plan for a career through exploration of majors, occupations, and interests


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