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Berlin, 17.08.20151 Überschrift Berlin School of Economics.

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2 Berlin, 17.08.20151 Überschrift Berlin School of Economics

3 Berlin, 17.08.20152 Facts & Figures n University of Applied Sciences n Specialised in business and management education n Excellent marks in national ranking survey’s n Established in 1971 as successor to the “Wirtschaftsakademie” (Business Academy) n In 2003 integration of the “Berufsakademie Berlin” (University of Co-operative Education) n 5.000 students, 1.000 graduates yearly n Teaching staff: more than 135 professors and around 350 part-time lecturers

4 Berlin, 17.08.20153 Three Divisions Bachelor and Master programmes integrative and international perspective 3.100 students Faculty of Business and Economics Faculty of Company-Linked Programmes Company-linked Bachelor programmes in co-operation with more than 480 companies 1.500 students Institute of Management Berlin Post-graduate programmes 350 students

5 Berlin, 17.08.20154 Study Programmes n Dual Degree Programmes (Dipl. - Kfm., Bachelor(Hons.), Diplôme) - German-British Programme “International Business” (IBU) in co-operation with Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge - German-French Programme “Management International” in co-operation with Ecole Supérieure du Commerce Extérieur Paris n Bachelor Programmes (B.A., B.Sc., L.L.B., B.Eng.) - Business Administration (core programme full-time, part-time) - International Business Management (in English) - Economics - Business Law - Information Systems - Company-linked Programme in Business Administration - Entrepreneurship and Corporate Succession (evening classes) - Business Engineering - Environment & Sustainability (in co-operation with TFH Berlin) n Master Programmes (M.A.) - International Management (specialisation Finance and Accounting in English) - International Economics (in English) - Chinese European Economics and Business Studies (in English) Faculty of Business and Economics

6 Berlin, 17.08.20155 Study Programmes Department of Business Studies (B.A., B.Sc.) - International Business Administration - Banking - Facility Management - Industry - Insurance - Real Estate - Taxation and Auditing - Tourism - Transportation and Logistics - Wholesale and Retail Merchandising - Information Systems n Department of Engineering and Information Technology (B.Sc., B. Eng.) - Civil Engineering - Informatics - Mechanical Engineering Faculty of Company-Linked Programmes

7 Berlin, 17.08.20156 Study Programmes MBA - MBA European Management (full-time, dual award) in co-operation with London South Bank University - MBA European-Asian Programme (full-time, in English) - MBA General Management - Dual Award (part-time, dual award) in co-operation with Anglia Ruskin University Cambridge - MBA Entrepreneurial Management (part-time) - MBA Health Care Management (part-time) Master-of-Arts - Labour Policies and Globalisation, in co-operation with Kassel University and ILO, Geneva (in English) - Sustainability and Quality Management n Certificate - Macroeconomic Policy Studies (full-time, in English) in co-operation with FHTW Berlin Institute of Management Berlin

8 Berlin, 17.08.20157 International Profile n 70 partner universities world-wide – 10 in the USA n International undergraduate programmes and dual award programmes with partners in Europe n Bachelor Programme completely in English (IBMAN) n Short term programmes for international Students – Berlin International Summer School n International MBA programmes (two of five in English) n Internationally oriented MA programmes (all three in English) n “English Stream” supports international exchange and qualifies FHW students n New York representative office together with UAS7 - Alliance for Excellence Study and Internship Programme (SIP): scholarship programme only for US American students within UAS7

9 Berlin, 17.08.20158 International Office n 4 staff members n And part-time student assistants n Responsible for: - Study abroad programmes and advice - Summer programmes - Student exchange - Scientific staff exchange - International relations of the Berlin School of Economics n Procurement of student housing n Pick-up service from airport n “Buddy” service for guest students n Social and cultural programmes

10 Berlin, 17.08.20159 Further Information:

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