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TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD CH.7&8 Samanta Garcia, Chloe Andrews, Lauren Decker, Leah Baumann, Gracie Fitzgerald, Hannah Becht, Caitlyn Applegate, Jessica Nelson,

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1 TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD CH.7&8 Samanta Garcia, Chloe Andrews, Lauren Decker, Leah Baumann, Gracie Fitzgerald, Hannah Becht, Caitlyn Applegate, Jessica Nelson, Bailey Seacat, Taylor Willhoite

2 CHAPTER 7 SUMMARY The chapter starts up right after Jem had gone to retrieve his pants from Boo Radley's yard. A new school year has started as Scout starts second grade. Since Scout is now in second grade she gets to walk with Jem back home and he finally tells her that when he had retrieved the pants they had already been sewed up where they had torn. Also on the walk home they found a ball of twine in the knot hole where they had found things earlier in. Afterwards in that fall Jem and Scout found two small images carved in soap of themselves. A week after they realized that Boo Radley had made those they found an old spelling bee medal and four days later they found a broken pocket watch on a chain with an aluminum knife. After all of those discoveries Scout and Jem write a letter to the sender only to later find out that someone had filled there knothole with cement making them unable to receive gifts again.

3 CHAPTER 7 QUOTES “When I went back for my breeches- they were all in a tangle when I was gettin’ out of ‘em, I couldn’t get ‘em loose. When I went back- when I went back they were folded across the fence… like they were expectin’ me.” pg. 58 “I pulled out two small images carved in soap. One was the figure of a boy, the other wore a crude dress.” pg. 59 “He stood there until nightfall, and I waited for him. When we went in the house I saw he had been crying; his face was dirty in the right places, but I thought it odd that I had not heard him.” pg. 63

4 CHAPTER 7 CHARACTERS Jem Finch- brother of Scout Finch, son of Atticus Finch, 6 th grader In this chapter, he went back for his pants but to find them folded and sewed like someone was expecting him. Also, he and his sister would check the knot-hole for something every day. They got a ball of grey twine, chewing gun, carved soap in the shape of him and his sister. Until one day it was filled with cement. He asked Mr. Radley why he filled it and he said the tree was “dying” Scout Finch- sister of Jem Finch, daughter of Atticus Finch, 2 nd grader In this she and her brother was check the knot-hole in the tree finding surprises. She and Jem wrote a thank you letter to whoever is leaving the stuff in the tree but the next day the hole was filled with cement. Atticus Finch- father of Jem and Scout Finch He would explain the items to Jem and Scout when they asked but not noticing where they came from. Mr. Radley- Neighbor of the Scouts He was asked by Jem and Scout why he filled the knot-hole with cement and he said it was dying.

5 CH. 7 POLITICAL AND SOCIAL ENVIRONMENT SETTING Page 58.  “The only thing good about the second grade was that this year I had to stay as late as Jem and we usually walked home together at three o’clock” Explains : They were only in second grade and they walked home by them selves, it was probably a small town and they didn’t need to walk for to get home. Page 60.  “who do we know around here that whittles”, he said “Mr. Avery”……. “ There's old miss Stephanie Crawford”, I said Explains: They know and are familiar with the people that live in their small town.

6 CHAPTER 8 SUMMARY During chapter 8 Jem and Scott wake up to find snow in their backyard. They decide to build a snowman since school canceled, and collect as much snow as they can in order to make the snowman giant. When Atticus finally gets home from work he thinks that Jem and Scott made a master piece. Later that same night after they have gone to bed Atticus wakes them up and rushes them out the door, to find Miss. Maudie’s house up in flames. Jem and Scott wait in front of the Radley’s front gate and watch the firefighters fight the fire. When they finally put the fire out and Atticus takes Jem and Scott home he noticed that Scott had a blanket wrapped around her. He asked her where she got it and she said that she didn’t know where it came from and that she stayed by The Radley’s front gate. Later on they find out that Boo Radley had put the blanket around Scott without her and Jem even knowing he was there.

7 CHAPTER EIGHT QUOTES 1) “Mr. Avery said it was written on the Rosetta Stone that when children disobeyed their parents, smoked cigarettes and made war on each other, the seasons would change.” Page 63 2) “We stood watching the street fill with men and cars while fire silently devoured Miss Maudie’s house. “Why don’t they hurry, why don’t they hurry…” said Jem.” Page 69 3) “Jem seemed to have lost his mind. He began pouring out our secrets right and left in total disregard for my safety if not for his own, omitting nothing, knot-hole, pants and all.” Page 72 4) “You ain’t grevin’, Miss Maudie?” I asked, surprised. Atticus said her house was nearly all she had. “Grieving, child? Why, I hated that old cow barn. Thought of settin’ fire to it a hundred times myself, except they’d lock me up.” Page 73

8 CHAPTER 8 CHARACTERS Eula May- Maycomb's leading telephone operator. Miss Maudie- house catches on fire and then has to move in with Stephanie Crawford. Stephanie Crawford. Mr. Avery- the town drunk. Mrs. Radley- dies, Atticus said that it was of natural causes.

9 SOCIAL AND POLITICAL ATOMOSPHERES Quotes from Chapter 8 “The men of Maycomb, in all degrees of dress and undress, took furniture from Miss Maudie’s house to a yard across the street. I saw Atticus carrying Miss Maudie’s heavy oak rocking chair, and thought it sensible of him to save what she valued most. “The Abbottsville fire truck began pumping water on our house; a man on the roof pointed to places that needed it most.” “The snow stopped in the afternoon, the temperature dropped, and by nightfall Mr. Avery’s direst predictions came true.” Explanations This is the atmosphere because its showing that even know the town is poor and doesn’t have a lot, Atticus help saved what she valued most from the place burning down. The fire fighters were trying to help save the place and they were trying to put the fire out where she needed it most and they were working there hardest as a team to get it out. Its showing that Mr. Avery made the right predictions of the weather and the saying that if kids disobeyed there parents the weather would change. The kids felt guilt for changing the weather.

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