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Toolbox Helping You Define Value and Close Business The Business Value of Ethernet Services.

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1 Toolbox Helping You Define Value and Close Business The Business Value of Ethernet Services

2 Toolbox Ethernet Services … extend low-cost, LAN-based Ethernet to the WAN transport voice, data and video applications deliver point-to-point or multipoint services use dedicated or virtual connections use various access methods –high-speed fiber –DSL –cable –wireless –T1 lines support speeds from 1Mbps to 10Gbps+

3 Toolbox Ethernet Service Types Ethernet Transparent LAN Metro Ethernet E-Line Virtual Private LAN Ethernet Access Ethernet services are marketed under various names …. E-LAN

4 Toolbox Point-to-Point Ethernet Service E-Line, or Ethernet Private Line (EPL) Service EPL is a point-to-point service using dedicated bandwidth between locations. Application EPLs are ideal for bandwidth- intensive applications and are the most popular Ethernet service due to their simplicity. Variation A point-to-multipoint (hub-and- spoke) variation using shared bandwidth is called an Ethernet Virtual Private Line (EVPL) service.

5 Toolbox Point-to-Point Ethernet Service E-LAN, or Ethernet LAN service E-LAN enables any-to-any communication among all customer locations via a multipoint-to- multipoint Ethernet connection. Application An E-LAN can be used to create a Transparent LAN Service, such as a multipoint Layer 2 VPN. Variation E-Tree multipoint connectivity (hub and spoke) is used for broadcast applications where services flow from a centralized point.

6 Toolbox What is the demand for Ethernet Services? adoption rates soaring widespread use across domains: –wide area –metro –access increasing demand for ever greater speeds –100Mbps ‒ 10Gbps –some 40Gbps for WAN applications Source: International Data Corp., October 2013

7 Toolbox What Are the Benefits of Ethernet Services? Ethernet usually is deployed from 10MBps to 10Gbps. But speeds up to 100Gbps are possible and carriers now are looking at supporting 400Gbps. High Bandwidth Ethernet bandwidth can be increased on a granular basis up to the physical port size. In contrast, growing a TDM network from DS1 (1.5Mbps) to DS3 (45Mbps) to OC3 (155Mbps) requires forklift upgrades. Scalability Ethernet is switched rather than routed, so it has low latency and generally is considered preferable to router-based protocols, such as MPLS and VPN in settings where milliseconds are crucial. Low Latency Ethernet handles growing speed and bandwidth requirements for less. A T1 delivering 1.5Mbps costs around $300 per month, while 3Mbps asymmetrical Ethernet costs about the same. That's twice as much bandwidth for the same price. Low Cost

8 Toolbox Top Applications for Ethernet Services Ethernet replaces private lines using T1 circuits, frame relay or ATM. Private Line Replacement Ethernet virtual private lines connect each customer location over a single physical link to the ISP. Dedicated Internet Access Ethernet virtual connections over a single physical link are a good choice for multiple locations. Multilocation Interconnection High data rates needed between data centers make Ethernet an good choice. Data Center Interconnection Ethernet supports network needs of cloud services: high bandwidth, low-latency, security and scalability. Cloud Connectivity Ethernet's speed means the replication and backups are done in seconds or minutes, rather than hours. Storage Replication Ethernet can be used as a secondary network so that in the case of an outage, failover takes milliseconds. BC/DR Ethernet is specified for latency-sensitive applications such as those involving voice or video. Voice/Video/ Imaging

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