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Jeeyoung Ahn Ha University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 6/25/2010 15th AATK.

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1 Jeeyoung Ahn Ha University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 6/25/2010 15th AATK

2  Work creatively to ◦ Cross disciplinary boundaries ◦ Incorporate the study of various materials ◦ Promote wide cultural understanding in language learning  Put us back with the world, a bigger community than the target culture, people, or language 6/25/2010 15th AATK

3  Definition of what the ultimate goals for our students should be  Redefined and newly developed understanding of what communication is and the consequent implementation in connection with  Communities  Developing view of learners  Social and cognitive aspects of language learning 6/25/2010 15th AATK

4  Make the best of the distinctive points only available through foreign language learning in connecting themselves with other disciplines and culture  Content of what we teach but also at Context within which learners come to experience the language  Students reinforce and further their knowledge of other disciplines and cultures through the interpretive and productive use of the Korean language 6/25/2010 15th AATK

5  New understanding of what language learners are ◦ Learners with comparative and critical perspectives (Comparisons) ◦ Active and autonomous learners in life-long enrichment (Communities)  Learners can develop their own understandings of the language, culture, communities and beyond 15th AATK 6/25/2010

6  “..students learn language as both a means of social practice as well as a rule-government cognitive system.” Life-long Enjoyment& Enrichment Experiential Learning Learner Autonomy Collaborative Learning 6/25/2010 15th AATK

7  Supplement the latter three C’s ◦ Connections & Comparisons  Add components of other disciplines  Critical review of literature  Understanding of statistics in social studies & economics  Learning through Fine Arts, performance arts, etc. ◦ Communities  Add service components  Learning how to successfully fundraise for donation  Learning how to raise consciousness for disaster relief, environment preservation, etc.  Giving performances at local organizations 6/25/2010 15th AATK

8  Form Learning Communities ◦ Mutually supportive groups with learners seeking self-improvement ◦ Implicitly used in various activities of language learning (e.g., group or class projects, discussion boards, blogs, etc.) ◦ Encourage students to form a learning community and let them feel comfortable about sharing and contribution 15th AATK 6/25/2010

9  Involve Students ◦ Brainstorm about Five C’s at the beginning of a semester  Leave room in the planned units for students’ contribution ◦ Give learners room to choose 6/25/2010 15th AATK

10  Distinction between practices of Culture (2.1) and products of Culture (2.2) in pedagogical application?  Proficiency level (not the grade) of target learners for each learning scenario, especially in K-12?  Effective use of a song or children’s tale that show distinctive usages of certain features in Korean  Elaboration on different project-based instructions to accommodate different learning styles 6/25/2010 15th AATK

11  Variety of resources and activities /tasks  Education and professional development of language teachers (including graduate student instructors)  A key to successful and interesting language teaching and (social and autonomous) learning experiences With independent but mutually supportive learners 6/25/2010 15th AATK

12 Thank you! 6/25/2010 15th AATK

13 Allwright, D. & Hanks, J. (2009). The developing language learner: An introduction to Exploratory Practice. Basingstoke, Hampshire: Palgrave Macmillan. 6/25/2010 15th AATK

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