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Graphic Images 101. Painted on a grid Drawn mathematically.

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1 Graphic Images 101

2 Painted on a grid Drawn mathematically

3 Categories of Graphics BITMAP an image created with pixels— small squares of color; quality determined by resolution; resizing distorts the image; also known as a raster graphic object is drawn mathematically; resizing recalculates the formula; no loss of quality VECTOR

4 Vectors Vector graphics are DRAWN, not painted. Vectors retain quality when resized The drawing tools in Publisher, PowerPoint, PhotoShop and Word create vectors. Adobe Illustrator is a drawing program

5 Clip Art Windows metafiles. If you can take the image apart, you may well be working with a metafile. The file format is.wmf. A metafile is a Microsoft version of a vector graphic

6 Other vectors Graphs / charts (Excel) Scalable fonts Times New Roman

7 Types of Bitmaps.bmp.jpg.gif.tif.png

8 .bmp Largest graphic file size,generally not compressed Supports 16.7 million colors Files created in PAINT are typically bitmaps Do not send as attachments

9 .jpg Best choice for photos Compressed file format Supports 16.7 million colors Appropriate for web pages Does not support transparency

10 .gif Compressed file format Supports: –Transparency –Animations –256 colors Appropriate for web pages Best choice for graphic images

11 .tif Not compressed—large file size Supports 16.7 million colors Can be used for photographs Not appropriate for web pages or attachments

12 .png Compressed file format Supports: –Transparency –16.7 million colors –Animation Excellent for photos

13 .bmp 4.21 MB.gif 657 KB.jpg 360 KB.tif 4.21 MB

14 Bitmap Software To create: use a painting program, digital camera, scanner To edit: use a digital imaging program like Photoshop, GIMP, Picassa.




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