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English speaking countries and Commonwealth – an introduction

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1 English speaking countries and Commonwealth – an introduction
Simonetta Gatto Istituto Comprensivo di Casella (GE)

2 The Commonwealth of Nations

3 What is it? The Commonwealth of Nations, usually known as the Commonwealth, is a voluntary association of 54 independent states, most of which are ex British colonies (except for the United Kingdom itself, Mozambique and Rwanda).

4 Its objectives The Commonwealth is an international organisation of countries which have diverse social, political, and economic backgrounds. They cooperate to promote democracy, human rights, individual liberty and world peace.

5 The Head of the Commonwealth
Queen Elizabeth II The first head of the Commonwealth was her father George IV. The title was devised in 1949.

6 The headquarters The headquarters is Malboughrough House and it is in Westminster, London.

7 The language of the Commonwealth

8 The Commonwealth Games
Every four years the Commonwealth of Nations organize a multisport international event: the Commonwealth Games.

9 Last and next Games

10 Some sports are not played at the Olympic games
Squash Lawn Bowls Rugby seven Netball Cricket

11 Seventeen sports Aquatics Athletics Badminton Boxing Cycling
Gymnastics Hockey Judo Lawn Bowls Netball Rugby Sevens Shooting Squash Table Tennis Triathlon Weightlifting Wrestling

12 The English speaking countries do not concide with the Commonwealth

13 How many “Englishes”? English is one language, but there are several varieties: the two most important are: BE = British English AE = American English

14 How do British English and American English differ?
Vocabulary Pronunciation Grammar Spelling




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