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A Vocabulary Review Activity

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1 A Vocabulary Review Activity

2 Setup Directions: Type a vocabulary word on each of the following 10 slides in the subtitle textbox. When complete, run the show by pressing F5 on the keyboard. One student stands with back to this presentation. The class gives the student clues to the vocabulary word onscreen as a clock keeps time. The student tries to guess the word before the buzzer.

3 Ready to play?

4 The is… anim

5 The is… equ

6 The is… Ann, enn

7 The is… dict

8 The is… Anthrop

9 The is… dem

10 The is… auto

11 The is… cred

12 The is… Belli, bell

13 The is… chron

14 The is… bio

15 The is… circum

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