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History of Spanish by Rachel and Valentina

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1 History of Spanish by Rachel and Valentina

2 Where Spanish is speech
1. Where Spanish is spoken: Countries and number of people speaking Spanish? They speak Spanish in south America,centarl North America. The countries that people speak Spanish is Argentina Spanish speakers: ,Chile Spanish speakers: ,Costa Rica Spanish speakers: ,Cuba Spanish speakers: Dominican Republic Spanish speakers: ,Ecuador Spanish speakers: El Salvador Spanish speakers: , Equatorial Guinea Spanish speakers: ,Guatemala Spanish speakers: ,Honduras Spanish speakers: Mexico Spanish spekers: ,Nicaragua Spanish speakers: ,Panama Spanish speakers: ,Paraguay Spanish speakers: ,Peru Spanish Speakers: ,Puerto Rico Spanish speakers: ,Spain Spanish speakers: ,Uruguay Spanish speakers ,Venezuela Spanish speakers: Colombia Spanish speakers

3 How is Spanish similar to English
There are Spanish nouns that are similar in English like usually the word change at the end of the pronunciation English nouns ending in '-or' are very often identical in Spanish. English, French, Spanish, Italian, and many more. They all share common roots in Latin, and Latin related languages spread by the R Empire. Also, some Spanish words are borrowed from English . 1numero=number 2animaels =animal 3micosa favorite=my favorite thing

4 what famous Latin singers
singer known in Latin countries and in America and other countries and that some may find who are Joan Sebastian end Talia art Mexico, Puerto Rico are many, but what the person you are like Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez in the Dominican Republic, Juan Luis Guerra and adventure Colombia Shakers is the world known well Junes is very famous and so Colombian and many more countries Latino singers ..


6 the English alphabet is not the same in Spanish

7 the flags of Latino countries

8 conclusion of Spanish. As you can see, I speak Spanish so I can say it is not difficult to learn. Spanish is a popular language that everyone can learn. The Spanish language is another popular, many people speak the language, in many other countries and is spoken as a second language as America and beyond. such as ber in my class speaks Spanish.

9 The introduction of Spanish
the according to my research the Spanish is the chief language of Spain and of many countries colonized by Spain, and Spanish American is a native or inhabitant of one of the countries of America in which Spanish is the national language.

10 the end of the project

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