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Warsaw Innovation Potential City. Project „Warsaw Innovation Potential City” (POKL 8.2.1) Partnership project realised by the European Fund Office (Warsaw.

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1 Warsaw Innovation Potential City

2 Project „Warsaw Innovation Potential City” (POKL 8.2.1) Partnership project realised by the European Fund Office (Warsaw City Council) in cooperation with Foundation of the Academics Entrepreneurship Incubators and Ryszard Lazarski University of Law and Commerce The aim of the project: increasing innovation potential among Warsaw students environment promoting academics entrepreneurship increasing theoretical and practical knowledge concerning spin out/off business activities

3 Target group of the project: „Warsaw potential innovation city” : Academics, science workers, PhD students Graduates ( 12 months from the date of graduation), students of Warsaw Universities

4 Recruitment for the project Seminars about entrepreneurship: open recruitment process through a notification on the meeting, phone call or email Participation in the trainings: Call on the basis of application forms containing the idea of innovative business, the procedure for selection. Forms available on the project website

5 Main project activities: Organizing 10 seminars on academic entrepreneurship on Warsaw’s Universities Conducting competition for the innovative ideas Support for trainings - consultancy for 45 people: Innovation School PABA Training - practical education about entrepreneurship Training in business An evaluation of business plans, which were chosen from 15 top innovative companies Enabling 15 people to test their business ideas on the principles of pre-incubation of Academic Incubators of Entrepreneurship

6 Planned outcomes of the project 400 people are supposed to obtain information on academic entrepreneurship and the possibilities of assistance in setting up own company. 45 people are supposed to receive training in the field of: development of entrepreneurial attitudes and increasing motivation for starting own companies, creating innovative ideas, gaining knowledge needed to set up a business. 15 companies are supposed to have the opportunity to test their business ideas in the pre-incubators. Organising one conference presenting the results of the project Editing 2 000 publications

7 Companies formed under the project have also possibility of participating in 450 hours of specialist training on: 150 hours of mentoring - individual work with a mentor that focuses on building a strategy for the development of enterprises and entrepreneurs. Consulting led by the experienced person in implementing business projects, addressing the problems related to the management company's leadership, building motivation. 150 hours of pro-innovative consulting - advice on innovation projects, legal aspects of commercialization of knowledge, protection of trademarks, the procedures for obtaining patents. 150 hours of financial brokering - advice on funding opportunities for the company and on the form of financing suitable for the company

8 Achieved results: 615 people gained knowledge about the possibility of setting up own company based on academic knowledge, including companies sleeps out / off 43 people have been trained in: – Running own Business - legal and economic training – Innovation School- possibility of gaining knowledge about concept of innovation, analysis of innovation and competitiveness analysis of the proposed activity, inter alia, through the familiarizing with the Blue Ocean Strategy (BOS) and creating own business on the basis of BOS framework – PABA Training - Poland As a Business Area - practical knowledge about entrepreneurship, stimulating economic activity among people from academic environment, overcoming mental barriers regarding the risk of running own business

9 There have been 17 companies which were set with the support of WPI project- most of them are social portals such as portal for the artistic community, portal supporting business meetings and social events, publicity company, design offices and companies with advanced technology and medical information such as: fotocodes, security systems, computer clusters and laboratories testing samples of the biological materials. Company Bohomass - an artistic community portal with the objective of bringing together emerging artists environment (for example, students of Fine Arts in Warsaw) with a group of recipients, art lovers and potential customers Company - business based on fotocodes technology and its use for ex. in advertisement

10 Sensimedix – implementing pressure sensors applicable in the field of ophthalmology on the polish market NAVkart - offers digital maps for GPS navigation for the Great Masuria Lakes Manufaktura KunSZTU - landscape architecture design office that also offers classes for children and teenagers concerning eco-education E-projektownia - a company offering services in the field of reverse engineering, design, calculation and implementation of the numeric products using for to exploitation Algorithms & Forecast Solutions - company offers calculation and prognosis algorithms. Offer is based on creating a computer cluster

11 Companies were created by: 7 PhD students and 1 researcher from the following Warsaw’s Universities: Warsaw University of Technology, Warsaw University, Warsaw Military Technical Academy, Warsaw Agricultural University, Warsaw Medical University, 12 students and graduates from the Universities mentioned above and from Warsaw School of Economics and Warsaw School of Computer Science, Currently, companies start to operate in the pre-incubators and benefit from the individual consulting

12 Project: „Warsaw Innovation Potential City „ is implemented by the European Funds Department of the City of Warsaw Address: Krzywickiego 34/127,128 02-078 Warsaw c Phone: +48 22 443 07 98 +48 22 443 07 97

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