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Branding, Packaging, and Labeling

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1 Branding, Packaging, and Labeling
Ch. 31

2 Branding What is a Brand?
Name, term, design, symbol, or combination of these elements that identify a business, product, or service. What does your Brand represent? Quality and Reliability…or…Fun and Excitement

3 Branding Brand Name Trade Name
Easily pronounced, distinctive, and recognizable Corvette, McNuggets, Sprite Trade Name Corporate Name – Rarely Changed Chevrolet, McDonalds, Coca-Cola

4 Branding Brand Mark Trade Character Trademark
Visually recognizable symbol or design Chevrolet Bowtie, McDonalds Arches Trade Character Brand Mark with human form Ronald McDonald Trademark Legal protection of Brand Mark, Trade Name, and/or Trade Character ® = Registered Trademark / TM = Unregistered Trademark

5 Branding Importance of Branding in Product Planning
Build product recognition and customer loyalty Ensure quality and consistency Capitalize on brand exposure Change company or product image

6 Branding Types of Brands National or Producer
Consistent standards of quality, dependability, performance, and reliability Private Distributor – Owned by Wholesalers or retailers Large supermarket or retailer brands Higher margins Customer loyalty

7 Branding Types of Brands Generic Brands
Do not carry a company identity Not advertised Consistently cheaper

8 Branding Brand Extension Brand Licensing Mixed Brand Co-Branding
Risk – Can dilute the brand Brand Licensing Allows another company to use their brand - Contract Mixed Brand Making a product for another company under a different name Co-Branding Combining brands in the production of a product or the delivery

9 Packaging A Package represents the size, shape, and final appearance of a product at the time of sale At least 10% of the retail price is from packaging Functions of Packaging?

10 Packaging Selling the Product Communicating Product Identity
Mixed and Price bundling Communicating Product Identity Design, color, words, and labels all speak to customers Providing Information Directions, guarantees, nutrition, care, and warnings

11 Packaging Meeting Customer Needs Protecting Consumers
Customer convenience, functionality, and family size Protecting Consumers Packaging material, access to contents Protecting the Product Balance between protection and customer frustration

12 Packaging Theft Reduction Aseptic Packaging
Size and/or electronic antitheft devices Aseptic Packaging Keeps food fresh without refrigeration Environmental Packaging – reusable and/or biodegradable Cause Packaging – promote social & political causes

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