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LEA Federal Program Monitoring/Review Presented by: Kelly Iorfida and Norma Hull Division of Federal Programs Department of Education.

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1 LEA Federal Program Monitoring/Review Presented by: Kelly Iorfida and Norma Hull Division of Federal Programs Department of Education

2 “Purpose” of Federal Program Monitoring LEAs to Demonstrate their Programs are in Compliance with Federal Law - Title IA; Title ID (Delinquent); Title IIA; Title III; Title I, School Improvement LEAs to Avoid Possible Audit Exceptions ** It is NOT to Review LEA’s Programs

3 NEW – “21 st Century Recipients” Still in the Planning Phase regarding the monitoring of this program Although some entities may be monitored this May or June –Entities will be notified of review in advance –Reviewers will look at current year (2010-11) program information. –Reviewers look for program “Compliance”, not program “Effectiveness”. –This year will be a paper review instrument, not online May be online instrument next SY (2011-12)

4 Overview of Federal Programs Monitoring All LEAs are reviewed one time every 3 years –Once every 3-year cycle We are currently in “Cycle 1” (2010-11) Cycle lists are posted on DFP’s website –Visits occur between January and end of May Typically March – May (due to weather) –Monitors review LEA’s current program year information

5 Overview of Federal Programs Monitoring Monitoring instrument electronically completed on FEDMONITOR by LEA & Monitor. –https://www.leaderservices.Com/_fedmonitorhttps://www.leaderservices.Com/_fedmonitor –Copy of Review Instruments posted on DFP’s website under “Consolidated Program Review” Monitors review LEA’s current program year information.

6 Online Federal Programs Monitoring “PROCESS” 1. DFP mails letter to LEA in late December. - addressed to Superintendent/CEO - provides username & password for FedMonitor - provides monitor’s name 2. Monitor contacts LEA to schedule visit. - monitor and LEA mutually agree on date 3.LEA completes online instrument 30 days prior to monitor site visit. 4. Monitor reviews online instrument.

7 Online Federal Programs Monitoring Process: 5. Monitor conducts site visit / verifies information.  Information reviewed is current program year  Federal Program Staff must be available during review  Title I Parents & Students must also be available 6. Monitor completes instrument online then locks instrument. - notification is emailed to LEAs & DFP confirming document has been locked ** Districts have access to locked documents

8 Online Federal Programs Monitoring Process: 7. Regional Coordinators (RCs) in DFP review locked instrument. - Determines whether programs are in full compliance 8.DFP mails letter to LEA regarding review. ** If there are NO citations: 9. Letter will state LEA is in complete compliance with current statutes, regulations and guidance released by the USDE. - Keep on file for auditors

9 “Monitoring Reports & Citations” ** If there ARE citations: 9. DFP mails letter to LEA outlining compliance issue Provides Corrective Action Plan (CAP) & a Deadline RC and/or program managers may conduct site visit to provide technical assistance 10. LEA sends CAP to DFP by given deadline 11. CAP is reviewed by Regional Coordinators in DFP 12. LEA receives final letter of compliance… After all corrective action has taken place

10 Federal Program Monitors About the Monitors… They are retired educators Most are retired federal program employees Trained by DFP program managers on changes and new requirements in NCLB

11 Keep in mind… It’s okay to ask questions during your monitoring visit! Your monitor can assist you while on site and/or get in touch with us. Many monitors will call DFP right from their site visit to verify something or ask a program manager for advice.

12 “Division of Federal Programs” Responsibility:  Provide Monitor Training. - Held annually by DFP Program Manager - Discuss updates/changes in in Law (Federal Programs)  Provide Monitor Assignments.  Send Notification Letter to LEAs. - Send copies of Notification Letters to assigned Monitors  Assist Monitors & LEAs with questions regarding monitoring visit/review.  Review Monitoring Reports. - Assist LEAs with questions/guidance on implementing CAs  Mail final letter to LEA / Close out online instrument.

13 “LEA’s” Responsibility: Preparing for the Visit *Key to Success! 1.Stay in touch with monitor – exchange contact info 2.Have approved application available. 3.Organize program data by program & requirement **Binders or folders - YOUR choice, not the monitors 4.Have all federal program managers on site. 5. Prepare an agenda for your monitoring visit & share with all staff & your assigned monitor.

14 Consolidated Review Information on DFP's website: Consolidated Review Schedule / Cycle lists Copies of all Program Review Instruments FedMonitor’s Web Site Link:

15 Access to Consolidated Review Info Step-by-Step: 1. In web browser enter: 2. Click on Programs – bottom link on left 3. Click on Programs D-G on left 4. Click on Federal Programs on left 5. Click on Consolidated Program Review on left via “Division of Federal Program’s” website:

16 Logging into the Review Instrument in FedMonitor: https://www.leaderservices.Com/_fedmonitor ** Enter Username and Password

17 Put checkmark in box next to each program your LEA receives allocation for. LEA must enter name & number of each person. Monitor Completes bottom sections.

18 Assessment Home Page Click on the Generate Draft Instrument button to print hard copy of entire Review Instrument. Each federal program your LEA implements should be reflected here.

19 To print a blank copy of the Title I Review Instrument Click Here. Click on each of these sections to complete the info within.

20 Highly Qualified Section within Title I Assessment Requirements Met/ Not Met/ N/ASuggested EvidenceComments **Always hit Save Changes at bottom

21 Fiscal Requirements **Click on Generate Component button to print hard copy of “Fiscal Requirements”. FISCAL REQUIREMENTS: Audits, Carryover, Rank Order, Supplement/Supplant, Nonpublic School Services, etc.

22 Tips from the Monitors Have copies of your completed monitoring instrument available to all parties who will participate in monitoring visit. Have documentation & evidences of compliance aligned to the order of the monitoring instrument Helps to have an “Agenda” Don’t be “stressed out”… but be “prepared”. **Review instrument with staff that will be participating

23 Top 10 Out of Compliance Issues: 1. Highly Qualified (HQ) Teachers: - LEAs missing plans to ensure teachers become HQ *(Title I / Highly Qualified / #1b) 2. Parent Involvement – Parents are notified if their child is being taught by a non HQ teacher for 4 + weeks. 3. LEA has complaint procedures in place for Nonpublic school officials. - copy of complaint procedures kept on file at LEA *(Title I / Nonpublic Schools / #9)

24 Top 10 Out of Compliance Issues: 4. Equity Plan - must be in place & LEA must be implementing this plan *(Title IIA / Class Size Reduction / #12) 5. School Parent policies distributed to parents *(Title I / Parent Involvement / #4) 6. Semi-annual certifications for employees funded from a single cost objective. *(Fiscal Requirements / Time Documentation / #1) 7. LEA Parent Involvement Policy *(Title I / Parent Involvement / #1) 8. Title III – PA ELPS professional development for teachers

25 Top 10 Out of Compliance Issues: 9. Parents not notified they may request info regarding : - Professional Qualifications of child’s teachers & paraprofessionals who provide instructional services to their children 10. Not maintaining time documentation logs/schedules for prorated staff, including the amount of time spent on each funding source activity; - Logs are to be signed by supervisor and reconciled to payroll documentation on monthly basis. *(Fiscal Requirements / Time Documentation / #2)

26 Fiscal Requirements & Obligating Funds Final Approval Letter from DFP is not sufficient for “Suggested Evidence” LEA must have expenditure records that reflect purchases on or after date of obligation invoices or purchase orders … something that includes dates

27 Contact Information for Monitoring Information Karen Trissler 717-787-7278 Kelly Iorfida 717-783-6543 Susan McCrone 717-783-1330

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