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Mind Map Main Idea Main Topic Click here to Get Rich Diagramming Resources from Edraw.

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1 Mind Map Main Idea Main Topic Click here to Get Rich Diagramming Resources from Edraw

2 12 Definition of Mind Map Benefits and Application of Mind Map Main Contents 3 4 Rules and Tips to Draw Mind Map Examples of Mind map

3 1. What Is Mind Map Mind map is a diagrammatic method of representing ideas, with related concepts arranged around a core concept

4 2.1 Benfits of Mind Map Visualize, organize, and classify ideas. Boost brainstorming and idea generation. Boost creative thinking. Organize life through visual work and activity schedule. Promote effective communication. Enhance studies. Accelerate problem solving and decision making.

5 Design presentation. Note-taking. Brainstorming. Deliver lecture. Make plans and set goals. 2.2. Application of Mind Map

6 Mind Map Guidelines Style Start Connection Lines Colors Keywords Use Clarity Hyperlinks Multiple colors Images/symbols Codes Dimensions In order Hierarchy Outlines Unique Personalized Emphasis Center Image of the topic At least 3 Print Case letters Upper Same length as word/image Use association Refine relationship Lower Connected 3.1. Rules to Draw Mind Map

7 Make sure all of your objects are properly aligned and distributed Choose suitable layout style. Insert hyperlinks to link websites or other resources to make it rich and inclusive. Insert clipart or custom shapes to make ot personalized. Save mind maps as JPEGs to ensure clear presentation. 3.2. Tips for Better Mind Map Combine mind map with other diagrams to be more convincing.

8 4.1 Mind Map Examples - Education In-Class Usage Mind Map Usage for Teaching After Class Usage Pre-class Usage 1 Curriculum Planning 2 Lesson Preparation 3 Delivering Lessons 4 Making Handouts 5 Encouraging Discussion and Independent Thinking 6 Boosting Creativity 7 Student Assessment 8 Self-Evaluation 9 Promoting Collaboration 10 Designing Extra Curriculum Activities Mind Map Usage for Teaching

9 4.2 Mind Map Examples - Health Go for a walk Work out Spend time in nature/Travel Talk with friends Write in your journal Take a long bath Light scented candles Savor a warm cup of coffee or tea Read encouraging books Play with a pet Work in your garden Listen to music Watch a comedy Go shopping Have a massage or lavipeditum Talk with friends Exercise Listen to music Drink warm coffee Eat more fruits and vegetables Eat more fruits Write journal Read Healthy Ways to Decrease Stress

10 4.3 Mind Map Examples - Business Internet Marketing Marketing Plan Marketing Team Marketing Website Optimization and Promotion Service System Brand Shaping Study and prepare for internet marketing Learn about successful models Creative planning Internet marketing team building Internet marketing team management Website positioning Website design Website management Design customer feedback channel Key words setting SEO and SEM B2B, B2C, C2C analysis Build standard after sales system Build an efficient customer service department Word-of-mouth marketing Brand Marketing Differentiation strategy Successful case analysis A Superior Product Words That SELL A Newsletter Public Relations Search Engine Optimization

11 Wow Games Star War Cycling Football Main Idea Have many Friends Weak Sides Lazy Get bored soon Absent-minded Too talkative Hobbies Strong Sides Like Meeting people Read books Skills Sport Traveling Hiking Abroad Argue often Need to meet more often William Shakespeare Mark Twain Charles Dickens Oscar Wilde Robert Frost Edgar Allan Poe Languages Computers Writer Good French Fluent English Drawing Office Programming Smart Educated Enthusiasm I'm working on it! Self Analysis 4.4 Mind Map Examples - Self Improvement

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