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 Copyright Valiant Technology Ltd Roamer Bluetooth Activities Space Geologist.

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1  Copyright Valiant Technology Ltd Roamer Bluetooth Activities Space Geologist

2  Copyright Valiant Technology Ltd Free Bluetooth Activities Buried Treasure Cops and Robbers Safari Jail Break Emergency Landing Space Geologist Cave Rescue Space Geologist is one of the Free Activities you get with the Roamer Bluetooth Accessory Pack. When you get your Bluetooth package you receive a disc. Run this disc and you will add the Bluetooth Interface to your RoamerWorld and at the same time you will add all the free activity files.

3  Copyright Valiant Technology Ltd Space Geologist The year is 2115 and you graduated from Valiant’s Geology school with the best results in the college’s 75 year history. This is why they appointed you to head the the exploration mission of the planet Ferrite 1V. The mission objective is to discover whether the planet has large deposits of magnetic materials. From your control console you will drive the Roamer Robot to map the planet for magnetic material.

4  Copyright Valiant Technology Ltd What You Need Roamer RoamerWorld Roamer Bluetooth Module Free Activity Downloads Roamer Control Box Tronix Reed Switch and Tronix Wire or an alternative

5  Copyright Valiant Technology Ltd Preparation Tasks Mark out a 10 x 10 area for exploration Design and make magnetic sensor and a way of mounting it on Roamer so that it can scan near to the floor. Test your design so that you are sure it will detect a magnet Place three of four magnets in the exploration area A Reed Switch will close when it is close to a magnet If you connect one side of the Tronix Reed Switch to to the Power Take Off (Orange Connection) on the Roamer Control Box, and connect the other side to the Sensor Port (Yellow Connection )the Reed Switch will detect magnets You could add a Tronix Lamp into the circuit as well: when it lights up you know the magnet has triggered Hint

6  Copyright Valiant Technology Ltd Tasks Place the Roamer in the centre of the exploration area Write a Roamer program that will allow you to explore the area and find the magnetic material and map its location onto the screen Include in your program a sense procedure Download your exploration program from the computer to the Roamer using your Bluetooth interface Delete the screen program and run robot in the exploration area When the robot finds a magnet it execute the sense procedure P1 and this will mark the site on the screen Hint

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