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Stacey Gibbons Film Distribution. ‘Film Distribution’ refers to the marketing and circulation of movies in theatres, and for home viewing (DVD, Video-On-

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1 Stacey Gibbons Film Distribution


3 ‘Film Distribution’ refers to the marketing and circulation of movies in theatres, and for home viewing (DVD, Video-On- Demand, Download and Television). The primary agenda of the distributor is to convince the exhibitor to rent each film. The distributor usually arranges industry screenings for exhibitors and uses other marketing techniques that he thinks will profit, by showing the film. The distributor then secures a written contract stipulating the amount of gross ticket sales to be paid to the distributor. There are standard blanket contracts between a distributor and an exhibitor that apply to all films subsequently booked, although on occasion some of the terms, such as the percentage of the gross to paid by the exhibitor, may be varied regarding to the particular film.

4 The distributor has to; -Ensure enough film prints are struck to service all contracted exhibitors on the contract based opening day. -Ensure their physical delivery to the theatre by the opening day -Monitor exhibitors to make sure that the film is shown in the particular theatre (minimum number of seats and show times) -Ensure that the prints return to the distributors office or other storage resource also on the contract based return date. -Includes the physical production of film prints and their shipping around the world as well as the creation of posters, newspaper and magazine advertisements, TV commercials, trailers and other types of ads.

5 The distributor is responsible for ensuring a full line of film advertising material is available on each film which it believes will help the exhibitor attract the largest possible audience. If the distributor is handling an imported or foreign language film, they may also be responsible for securing dubbing or subtitling the film or securing censorship or other legal or organizational approval for the exhibition of the film in the country/territory in which it does business, prior to approaching the exhibitors for booking.

6 Vetigo Films A British film production and film distribution company based in London, England. Creates and distributes commercially driven independent cinema. Responsible for the production and distribution of Street Dance 3D and Monsters. Founded and created in 2002 Men behind the company; Allan Niblo, James Richardson, Nick Love, Rupert Preston and Rob Morgan.

7 Film Distribution in the UK It is the job of distributors in the UK to identify and deliver the largest possible audience for every film. There are 500 or more titles released in UK cinemas every year. The first weekend in cinemas is crucial, its not unusual for a film to generate 30% or more of its entire box office during the first three days so it’s important to get the campaign right. When releasing a film, the distribution companies need to focus on who the audience is, who the film would attract and does the film deliver and justify the cost and risk of a theatrical release, ideally before the film goes into production.

8 As well as target audience and commercial risk, there are other factors distributors take into account when developing their release plans; -Competition is always a primary consideration. What films are other distributors likely to release at the same time or during the following weeks-especially those targeted at a similar target audience? Is there space in the market for something different ? Are the most appropriate films for this film available and likely to be offered? Projected release dates are often changed as competing distributors jockey for position week by week

9 -Is it an event film, a prospective mass market blockbuster or specialised film for more discrete audiences? -Is there any star power among the cats? What were the leading stars last roles and how successful were they? Is the film made by a ‘name’ director? -Are any cast members available for UK/international publicity or to attend a premiere.

10 London with an increasingly diverse population of 7.5 million people accounts for about a quarter of UK cinema admissions. When constructing a campaign, distributors aim to reach as much of their target audience as possible as frequently but cost effectively as possible. Older audiences may respond better having seen the film advertised on television or in the press while for younger audiences it is more appropriate to promote the film online, on radio stations or bus shelter panels. The internet also helps distributors start building awareness of a new film at a very early stage.

11 Typical Budget Considerations For Distributing

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