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Unit 5: Hotel & Restaurant Services

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1 Unit 5: Hotel & Restaurant Services
LA2401 English for the Hotel Business Unit 5: Hotel & Restaurant Services

2 Objectives The objectives of this unit are….
Language Focus: Restaurant and Kitchen Expressions The purpose of this unit is to understand common expressions used in restaurant menus, food ordering and bar service.

3 Objectives Learners will be able to: Discuss reservations
Describe opening, closing time and service periods Talk about dates Describe a range of foods Listen and distinguish food orders Make polite requests and offers Use a/an/the/some as necessary Describe the roles/duties involved in the Food & Beverage Cycle

4 Listening – Booking a table
A) Listen to the phone call. Are the statements true or false?

5 Listening – Booking a table
b) Listen again and complete the answers. Then match them with the questions below

6 A Variety of Dishes…. a b d c e g h f 1 Fillet of Haddock
3 Prawn Cocktail 5 Roast Leg of Pork 7 Crudités 2 Chicken Kiev 4 Beef Madras 6 Chicken Liver Pate 8 Lyonnaise Potatoes

7 Listening – in the bar What can I get you? Listen to the customers ordering drinks from the bar. What do they order? Listen again and answer the questions. _____________________ _____________________ _____________________ _____________________ _____________________

8 Language Study - Expressions
What can I get you? Would you like draught or bottled beer? Would you like ice and lemon? Shall I charge this to your room? No, thanks. I’ll pay by cash. Requests and Offers Look at these examples: Requests Offers Could I have a beer? Would you like ice? Can I have your key card? Shall I charge this to your room? Match each reply to a request or offer in the examples above: Yes, please. My room number’s 235. Certainly Sir. Would you like draught or bottled? Certainly. Here it is. Yes please, and lemon. Now Match the Q&A On Page 3

9 a / an or the Use a or an when you first talk about something. Use the when you talk about something for the second time or when it is clear what you are talking about. Examples: We have a reservation. The reservation is for 8 o’clock. I’d like an aperitif please. Is this the menu? Complete the sentences with a/an or the. Can we have _____________ adjoining room? What’s _________ dish of the day? Could we have _________ table for four? Put _________ olive on a cocktail stick . Then, put ________ olive in the glass. Yes, the hotel has __________ car park. Put some crushed ice into _________ cocktail shaker. Pour 3 measures of gin into ________ shaker and stir. an the a an the a a the

10 a / an or some Use a / an to mean one to talk about countable nouns. Use some to talk about uncountable nouns. Examples: I’d like a bottle of wine / an aperitif. I’d like some bread/some water/some milk. some A some an some a a some

11 Listening – Are you ready to order?
Listen to the dialogues and complete the following orders.

12 Describing Past Time Present Perfect
We use the Present Perfect tense to talk about: events that happened at some time in the past (undefined) I have eaten Chinese food. I have been to Hong Kong three times. I have stayed at the Grand Hyatt before. situations which began in the past and which are still continuing He has worked with us for more than three years now… He has worked with us since early 2009.

13 Describing Past Time Past Simple
We use the Past Simple to describe events at a particular time in the past. We finished lunch service at 2pm. We served the coffee after the dessert. He left just after you, I think. In the end, we hired a top French chef. time work in Tokyo 1990 now worked in Tokyo (past simple) time work in Berlin 2001 now future has worked in Berlin since 2001 (present perfect)

14 Describing Past Time Present Perfect or Past Simple?
Now write out the sentences or questions in full using the Present Perfect or Past Simple. (they/arrive) two weeks ago. _______________________________________ In January, we (employ) three new housekeepers. ___________________________ I (not see) Samantha since February. ______________________________________ The guests (be) tired after their long journey. _________________________________ Last year, prices (go up) by five percent. ____________________________________ Our current chef (work) here for over a year. _________________________________ We (decide) to buy it when we saw it. ____________________________________ As you can see, we (finish) serving. ______________________________

15 Listening – in the kitchen
Listen to the dialogue. Match the staff to their duties. d f b e a c

16 Listening Listen again and complete the missing words. main prepares
handle dishes bakes duties sharpen clean

17 Food and Beverage Cycle
In small groups, match the job titles with the correct F&B Stage Purchasing Receiving Storing & Issuing Preparing Selling Head chef Storeman Wine waiter Receiving officer Commis chef Head waiter Purchasing Officer Chef de Partie Bus boy Sous chef Waiter/waitress

18 Summary Visit LC next week….. Today we have Discussed reservations
Described opening, closing time and service periods Talked about dates Described a range of foods Listened and distinguished food orders Made polite requests and offers Used a/an/the/some as necessary Described the roles/duties involved in the Food & Beverage Cycle Visit LC next week…..

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