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3.5 Paragraph & 3.5 Essay Formatting

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1 3.5 Paragraph & 3.5 Essay Formatting
W.6.4b - I can use organizational/format-specific pre- writing strategies (graphic organizers) to develop my writing ideas.

2 3.5 Paragraph Format A paragraph is a group of ideas that center around one topic. A paragraph has a topic sentence and a closing sentence. A 3.5 paragraph contains at least 5 sentences, with at least 3 detail sentences.

3 3.5 Paragraph Format A paragraph begins with a Topic Sentence (the main idea of that paragraph). Next are three Detail/Example Sentences (prove/support your topic sentence). A paragraph ends with a Concluding Sentence (this ties the whole paragraph together).

4 Supporting Detail Sentences
Each sentence should relate to the topic sentence. Each sentence should be important! Use descriptive language!

5 Example: Romeo is beautiful and easy to care for. He is a tricolor Sheltie, mostly black with white and a bit of brown. Caring for him is easy because I simply have to make sure he has fresh water and food every day. I exercise him by throwing his toys. Because he is good looking and doesn’t require much care Romeo is a good pet.

6 3.5 Essay Format A 3.5 Essay combines all of your paragraphs into one paper. A 3.5 Essay includes: - 1 introduction paragraph - 3 detail paragraphs - 1 closing paragraph (conclusion)

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