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The Laugh.

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1 The Laugh

2 Carsten Höller, Upside Down Mushroom Room, 2000 exhibited at Fondazione Prada Milano.

3 Carsten Höller, Test Site, 2006, Tate Modern, Londra

4 Carsten Höller, R B Ride, 2007, foto elf.

5 Carsten Höller, HARD, HARD TO BE A BABY, 1992
Carsten Höller, HARD, HARD TO BE A BABY, Children swing, installation for "Project for U.F.O.", Air de Paris in Monte Carlo.

6 Francisco Goya, Tio Paquete, 1820 ca, Madrid, Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza.

7 Richard Hamilton, The Critic Laughs, 1968, ed. del 1971-72.

8 Man Ray, Cadeau, 1958 ca, MoMA, New York.

9 George Seurat, Les Poseuses, 1886-88, The Barnes Foundation, Merion.

10 Marcel Duchamp, Nudo che discende le scale (n 2), 1912, Museum of Art, Philadelphia; Shigeko Kubota, Stair, 1983.

11 Roy Lichtenstein, Look Mickey, 1961, National Gallery of Art, Washington (DC);
Roy Lichtenstein, Artist's Studio Look Mickey, 1973, Walter Art Center Collection, Minneapolis.

12 Pablo Picasso, Babbuino con il piccolo, 1951, MoMA, New York

13 Pablo Picasso, Testa di toro, 1943.

14 Meret Oppenheim, Object. Oaris, 1936, MoMA, New York.

15 Donna Oggettiva Kurt Seligmann, Tabouret 2, anni ottanta; Allen Jones, Female Seat, 1965; Allen Jones, Tool, 1969.

16 Marcel Duchamp, Fountain, 1917, ricostruito 1964, MoMA, San Francisco; Sherrie Levine, Fountain, 1991; Jan Fabre, Passage 2, Stedelijk Museum voor Aktuele Kunst, Ghent, Belgio; Sigalit Landau, Fountain, 1998, foto elf.

17 Jeff Koons, Puppy, 1992; 1997, foto elf.

18 elf, Rimettere in moto la ruota, 1982, Tata Group;
Marcel Duchamp, Bycicle Wheel, 1951, terza versione dopo la perdita dell'originale del 1913, MoMA, New York; elf, Rimettere in moto la ruota, 1982, Tata Group; Shigeco Kubota, Bycicle Wheel, 1983, foto elf.



21 elf, One, Two, Three Lisa, performance, Louvre, 1984.

22 Davide Bertocchi, B2, 2004

23 Norma Jane, Potlach 5.1 - Eyes Wide Shut;
Norma Jane, Potlach The Happy Surrender,

24 Carsten Höller, THE SHADOW, 1997 Before sealing the pot, Carsten Höller trapped his own shadow and Maurizio Cattelan's too. Actually, Cattelan was showing at the gallery next door, and, with the agreement (and the help) of Höller, cloned the whole exhibition. This has been a funny experience for the visitors...

25 Lucio Fontana, Concetto spaziale, 1960, Tate Gallery, Londra; Maurizio Cattelan, untitled, 1986.

26 Maurizio Cattelan, Him, 2001, foto elf.

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