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Chapter 1 Review & Preview

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1 Chapter 1 Review & Preview
What is the definition of human development, or developmental science? What are the periods of development in human development? What are the domains of development in human development? for today What is a theory? Basic issues in human development Influences on development for Tuesday Theories of human development Research methods and design

2 Chapter 1 Quiz 1) Human development, or developmental science, is the study of ____________________and ___________________ throughout the lifespan. 2) Theories are vital tools for developmental researchers because they A) ensure proper use of research procedures. B) illustrate the ultimate truth regarding human behavior. C) provide organizing frameworks for our observations of people. D) do not require scientific verification. 3) A theory that suggests that children’s behavior is determined based upon their genetic inheritance favors the nurture view. T/F 4) How many periods of development are there in the lifespan? _______

3 Periods of Development Infancy and toddlerhood
Prenatal Conception to birth Infancy and toddlerhood Birth–2 years Early childhood 2–6 years Middle childhood 6–11 years Adolescence 11–18 years Early adulthood 18–40 years Middle adulthood 40–65 years Late adulthood 65 years–death

4 Major Domains of Development
Figure 1.2 Major domains of development Figure 1.2

5 Domains of Development
Physical Development Cognitive Development Social & Emotional Development


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