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Rules: Google Places Creating Traffic The Magic of the Internet Mark Maupin.

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1 Rules: Google Places Creating Traffic The Magic of the Internet Mark Maupin

2 Why do we target Page One of Google so much? Google gets over 70% of ALL Internet search traffic 1st Position on Google gets over 40% of the visitors –2nd Position gets about 12% –3rd Position gets about 8% –Page 1 gets nearly 90% of the visitors 85% of users do not trust the Sponsored Results—Free (Organic) Results are Key! Appliance Repair,Repair appliance,Washer Dryer Repair– Your Main Keywords

3 Why Google Places & Maps? Google Places draws attention & the Internet game changed by putting Google Places in the organic search results Often less competition for top than regular listing Listing can be found on the standard Google Web Search or the Google Map Search Possible to optimize for (a) Keyword, (b) Location and (c) Company Name Place to generate trust with customer feedback (comments).

4 Example: Google Places Search Result Click HERE to see example.

5 Example: Google Places Page

6 Example: Google Places Cont’d

7 Rules for EACH PAGE Categories Google Pre-made category (related to target keyword) Custom Category (with YOUR keyword) Service Area Radius – NO MORE than 200 miles Comments Quantity: More = Better Quality: Higher Ranking (Stars) = Better Keywords within Comments RESPOND TO YOUR CUSTOMERS’ I DONE 3 a step by step video how to list new Google Place Page– I will send it out in 10 days!

8 Make sure that your address is your true address Extreme Example: Don’t try using an address in Denver for a Chicago Listing! The phone number you use should be close to the address that you use Tip do search for your phone #s under maps- look for unclaimed site Rule: Be In or Close to Your Target Location

9 Rule: Include a Good Radius Area Coverage: Include as large as area as you serve. You might get listed anywhere within it.

10 Rule: Use Keywords to Describe Your Business Describe what you do and the services that you provide in your business. Let people know. It may be your only chance. ExampleExample Use keywords within that description, and use other similar keywords to help you rank for some of those, too.

11 Rule: Use Pictures & Videos You can use up to 10 Pictures and 5 Videos Use keywords in the picture filenames. Which of these looks more professional? Which catches YOUR eye better?

12 Rule: Use Additional Details You can create your own categories Use keywords and related words We created “Service Area” and “Services Performed” categories.

13 Rule: Encourage Customers to Leave Comments Customers can rate your business Get 7 or more ratings so that they Google Places show them on the page Customers like to see other feedback

14 Rule: Point to Website Containing Keywords, if possible You can list your website Words in your website that match the search term are in BOLD

15 BONUS Rule: Create Insider Page & Make it the Listed Website Create a page within Insider Pages List this as your website Get comments & feedback there Giving you eBook on how to set up!

16 Rules for MULTIPLE PAGE Listings Phone Numbers: Each Listing needs its own Phone Number Need to majorly populate with Directory Sites Press Releases & Other Backlinks Need Different Website URLs Listed Do NOT use a Backup E-Mail Address

17 KEY: Use AdWords Express (formerly Google Boost) Get to the TOP POSITION of the Page Quickly Google gives your listing site special attention Will Reach EVERYWHERE in YOUR AREA If you do NOT already appear on the Maps, with this…YOU WILL. Instantly fix marketing problems!!!

18 Contact Info: AdWords Express Beth Mills (877) 906-7953 Ext. 23841 One min video on Adwords ExpressAdwords Express She is going to give you $100 credit

19 Business listing not found on Yahoo. Add your listing » Add your listing » Business listing not found on Best Of The Web. Add your listing » Add your listing » Business listing not found on HotFrog. Add your listing » Add your listing » BIGGER BONUS RULE: You need to List Yourself on Key Directories You have not claimed this listing on Google. Claim your listing » View additional details Claim your listing » View additional details Business listing not found on Bing. Add your listing » Add your listing » You have not claimed this listing on Yelp. Claim your listing » View additional details Claim your listing » View additional details Click HERE for Link to PageHERE

20 Reasons to List on Directories Backlinks Credibility Website URL Phone #

21 Summary of RULES 1.List in Directory sites including white pages 2.Have an address IN or CLOSE TO your target location 3.Include a Good Radius 4.Use Keywords to Describe Your Business 5.Use Pictures & Videos 6.Use Additional Details 7.Encourage Customers to Leave Comments 8.Point to Website Containing Keywords BONUS: Create Insider Page & Make it the Listed Website (if your website does NOT contain your keywords and location)

22 Key: Constantly Adjust Google is always changing Know where you are within your searches Know where your competitors are located Find common traits in the top results Adjust your listing to emulate those top search results

23 One of our programs $200- set up and $50 month Listing you in Bing Listing you in Yahoo Listing you on Yelp Submitting you info to over 500 directory sites Making sure your listing is in good status in Google places Doing you tube video link back to your Google Places We list you in “Best of the Web and Hot Frog” Submitting your map link to + 150 high page rank sites Post your map link to +20 social sites like dig, facebook, etc Post you map link to 10 article submission sites Doing plus 5 video links to you Google map sites Doing 5 positive comments to your Google Places.

24 FYI We Now Have: Cost Effective Volume Program This is a program available only to the USA MEMBERS who use our current program or sign up for it. We have built websites in your major markets and keep adding sites to get page domination for your sites. Many of our customers have asked for a program that gets them to top in all the cities in their market area. So we now have a volume program where we build websites that look alike except for: Domain Names www.(city)DryVentCleaning.comwww.(city) Live example: http://www.DryerVentCleaningSanRafael.com Phone #s will change on each—you pick the local # or use the call center # City will change on each We can add embedded code for Google Place Map at bottom of the page I have now done this program for appliance repair companies and my own dumpster rental lead company in the Detroit metro Market. The program has the phones ringing. The program is working well and getting good feed back.

25 BEAT THIS! Website Built in a Dot Com form, this will be a fully optimized website 1 Article posted to a Blog or Website with the Key search phrase 2 Press Releases posted to 49 press release sites - this will cause the PR to appear on thousands of sites (If you as an individual submitted a Press Release to Email Wire, it would cost you $100 for each submission—We do 4 of these along with the other 49 distribution sites we submit to) A second set of press releases that is designed to have anchor text linking back to the first set of press releases, as well as past press releases that are already posted to 25 press release sites 2 Classified Flyer Adds, posted to 25 classified sites We submit a classified flyer to a “paid for” classified flyer distribution site which then submits it to many other sites Keyword research and personal coaching session on local business directory listing, and what we will be doing for you Automatic software- There will be $0 charge if you do a dot com

26 Mark Maupin Right Now Marketing, LLC (248) 939-6232

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