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Seeking Livelihood Adaptation through Communication for Development Mario Acunzo Research and Extension Division Natural Resources Department Food and.

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1 Seeking Livelihood Adaptation through Communication for Development Mario Acunzo Research and Extension Division Natural Resources Department Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

2  Climate Change Adaptation (CCA) require multi-stakeholders action, innovation and a process of social learning for adaptive livelihoods  Communication is a key for CCA and sustainable rural livelihoods  Communication for Development (ComDev) enables rural people and institutions to: assess and agree on needs and priorities share relevant knowledge and information foster multi-stakeholder dialogue and action  Communication approach to livelihood adaptation Communication for Development in Livelihood Adaptation

3 ComDev strategies support livelihood adaptation by : facilitating equitable access to knowledge and information promoting peoples’ participation and collaborative NRM improving linkages between research, extension, advisory services and farmers for technology innovation/adaptation enhancing community based adaptation processes and disaster risk management bridging the gap between global early warning & information systems, local knowledge and communities improving dialogue between institutions and farmers ComDev in Livelihood Adaptation

4 Methodology Situation/problem assessment Participatory rural communication appraisal Participatory communication strategy and messages design Communication methods and materials development Implementation and monitoring of strategic, targeted communication interventions Evaluation of outcomes/impacts in terms of changes in attitudes, knowledge levels and practices ComDev Strategies for Livelihood Adaptation

5 Main areas for communication support Technology innovation/adaptation Sustainable NRM Disaster risk management Livelihood options for adaptation Environmental/local governance  Rural Communication Strategies & Systems ComDev Strategies for Livelihood Adaptation

6 Rural and Agricultural Development Communication Network- RADCON – Egypt Rural communication services for agricultural development Community level, with peoples’ participation in generating, developing and sharing knowledge Livelihoods perspective in the definition of solutions Application of multi-media and new ICTs Outcomes Village facilitators trained in 50 rural villages A network of research, extension workers & technicians, Communication strategy to serve pilot areas Virtual communication system and library to support village facilitators and extension agents ComDev in Livelihood Adaptation Technology adaptation

7 Communication for NRM & Sustainable Agriculture -Bolivia Rural communication system CARENAS, a rural communication centre SICORD, a rural communication network Local Communication Plans for 11 municipalities Outcomes Communication services for municipalities & communities Improved early warning systems, soil maintenance, river control, sustainable NRM Better coordination & participation in municipal development Farmers access to information on NRM and agriculture Proposal for institutionalization of communication services ComDev in Livelihood Adaptation Sustainable Natural Resources management

8 RR is the most pervasive, accessible & flexible medium Participatory approach Two-way process Participatory needs assessments + analysis of perceptions, expectations and commitments Main results Rapid dissemination of critical information to remote audiences and early warning weather, markets, crops and livestock production, natural resources Local generation of contents including traditional knowledge Improved coordination and awareness Rural radio in climate change adaptation forecast & community based early warning market information livelihood options local knowledge community participation mobilization ComDev in Livelihood Adaptation Community participation - Rural Radio

9 Approach Building on existing systems Ensure equitable access Promote local contents Use realistic technologies Ensure financial sustainability Build local capacities Initiatives Strengthening regional capacities (ComDev platforms) A comprehensive programme on communication for NRM, rural development and climate change ComDev in Livelihood Adaptation Livelihood approach to information and communication

10 Methodologies and tools Development and systematization of: methods, tools, best practices, and training materials on ComDev for CCA Knowledge sharing and Partnerships Networking and partnerships for mainstream ComDev services  ComDev Platforms Support to field projects Communication Action Plans & Technical advise Congo Bangladesh  Support to CCA programme Jamaica  Communication in Disaster Risk Management & CCA Bolivia & Central America Near East Communication for Sustainable Development Initiative - CSDI

11 Next steps Increased support to field projects through partnerships Develop and test ComDev model for CCA Systematize best practices for ComDev services for CCA Support knowledge networks/platforms on ComDev for CCA and a global virtual consultation Support to the International workshop on Community-Based Climate Change Adaptation (Dhakka, Feb 09) Global study on R/E/Communication systems and CCA Consolidate and expand the CSDI partnerships Multi-donor funding

12 Thank you

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