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Outline Define Classroom Action Research (CAR)

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1 Combining Classroom Action Research and Classroom Assessment Techniques

2 Outline Define Classroom Action Research (CAR)
Develop some ideas for CARs Define Classroom Assessment Techniques (CAT) Examples How can we put the CAT in the CAR

3 Personal Reflection Empirical Research CAR

4 What is Classroom Action Research?
“Any systematic inquiry conducted by teacher researchers ... to gather information about how their particular schools operate, how they teach, and how well their students learn.” (Mills, 2003)

5 Action Research Helps develop the professional disposition of teachers
An opportunity to model for students how knowledge is created Incorporates a reflective stance into a teacher’s daily routine

6 Hopkins (1986) Teacher’s primary role is to teach
Method of data collection should not be too demanding Methodology reliable enough to formulate hypothesis confidently Teacher committed to the problem studied Follow ethical procedures

7 4 Step Process (Mills) Identify an area of focus Collect data Analyze and interpret data Develop an action plan

8 7 Step Process (Mettetal)
Ask a Question or Identify a problem Review the literature Plan a research strategy Gather data Make sense of data Make decisions about teaching strategies Share findings Give my example

9 What questions will we ask?

10 Classroom Assessment Techniques
CATs Classroom Assessment Techniques

11 “1” Background Knowledge Probe
May require short answers or be multiple choice Provides a preview of what is to come Can be used pre and post Helps determine baseline knowledge level Memory skills, study skills & habits

12 “The primary purpose of assessment is to provide feedback to students and teacher so that learning can be facilitated” McKeachie (2002)

13 Half-Minute paper “2” Students take a minute to write down a question or an important point Share with the student next to them Then you ask for oral questions

14 Your Question What are the characteristics of good classroom assessment?

15 Characteristics of Classroom Assessment
Learner centered Teacher directed Mutually beneficial Formative Context specific Ongoing Rooted in good teaching practice

16 One-sentence summary Who does what to whom, when, where, how, and why?
In a grammatical 1 sentence summary

17 Analytic Memo (for Higher Order Thinking Skills)
1 to 2 page analysis of a specific problem Uses analytic and writing skills Can be used as a first draft of a graded assignment Time consuming

18 Student Generated Test Questions (Discipline Specific Knowledge and Skills)
What do students think is most important Evaluate methods and materials Learn terms and facts

19 Invented Dialogues (Liberal Arts and Academic Values)
Helps students synthesize their knowledge of issues 2 levels Use actual quotes Invent reasonable quotes

20 Group-Work Evaluations (Work and Career Preparation)
Detects group problems early Helps students with management and leadership skills, working with others, ability to work productively Emphasis on process

21 Punctuated Lecture (Personal Development)
Stop in mid-lecture Have students reflect on their learning and listening behaviors Students take a minute to write down their reflection anonymously Follow up with a mini-lecture on metacognition

22 Direct paraphrasing Helps with ones ability to translate highly specialized information into language clients will understand

23 Application Cards On an index card list 1 real-world application for what we have learned

24 Muddiest point #3 (for Basic Academic Skills)
Give students several minutes at the end of class to write about the muddiest point of the day

25 Resources Cross, P., Angelo T (1993).Classroom Assessment Techniques: A handbook for college faculty, San Francisco: Jossey-Bass McKeachie, W. (2002). McKeachie’s Teaching Tips: Strategies, research, and theory for college and university teachers

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