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2013-2014 Campaign Wellness Site Champions. What led to a wellness program at EGUSD?

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1 2013-2014 Campaign Wellness Site Champions

2 What led to a wellness program at EGUSD?

3 Benefits of an Employee Wellness Program Staff morale, comradery, and cohesiveness Friendly competitions support healthy practices Reinforces personal commitment to healthy behaviors Participating staff serve as health role models for students

4 Healthcare Costs The current annual cost of medical health, dental and vision benefit premiums for all employees is over $56 million – 11% of EGUSD’s budget. In the last 9 years, EGUSD health care premium rates have increased by 135%.

5 EGUSD’s Solution: A Two-Pronged Approach to Employee Wellness Employee Wellness Program Negotiated Employee Wellness Rebate

6 Employee Wellness Rebate

7 All EGUSD employees who receive health care benefits through the district have the opportunity of earning an Employee Wellness Rebate. Components of the employee wellness rebate: A glucose and cholesterol screening Blood pressure and body mass index tests An online health risk assessment A wellness consultation with a primary/personal care provider that includes information regarding recommended age- appropriate screenings

8 Employee Wellness Rebate Results 2012-2013 Results: 3,415 employees completed the rebate That equates to 78% of benefit-eligible employees 2013-2014: 1,009 employees have already completed the rebate

9 2013-2014 Employee Wellness Rebate 80/20 cost sharing plan and 5% rebate

10 The Employee Wellness Program

11 Mission Statement The mission of the Elk Grove Unified School District’s “Your Health, Your Choice” Wellness Program is to encourage, promote and celebrate healthy choices that lead employees to a lifelong commitment to wellness.

12 Partnership with Kaiser Permanente The Elk Grove Unified School District partnered with Kaiser Permanente to offer all benefit-eligible employees a wellness program for the 2012-2013 school year. The purpose of the program was to promote overall health awareness for employees.

13 Components of the 2012-2013 Wellness Program Biometric Screenings – 2, 386 Total Health Assessment – 3,308 Thrive Across America™ – 1,448 Maintain Don’t Gain – 8 weekly emails Mix it Up™ – 568 Wellness Classes – 7 classes Employee Fitness Day – 100+

14 Wellness Committee 37 Comprised of representatives from employee bargaining units, district staff and Kaiser Permanente and Western Health Advantage representatives Members 2013-2014

15 Wellness Champions Role Introductory Meetings Toolkit – Coming Soon! Each school and department was asked to identify a volunteer site wellness champion and an alternate

16 Components of the 2013-2014 Wellness Program

17 Fall 2013

18 Monthly Theme Options October – Walk and Roll - Get Your Move On November – How Sweet It Is December – Maintain Don’t Gain January – 30 Day Challenge February – Heart Healthy March – Nutrition Matters April – Fun Field Days May – Brain Power

19 Walking Paths Donated by Kaiser Permanente 16 school sites and 2 district sites Kick-off on October 2 with a Ribbon Cutting at EGUSD’s Gerber Road Facilities

20 Winter 2013-2014 Healthy Vending Machine Community Supported Agriculture Boxes Farmer’s Markets at School Sites Supporting Healthy Food Choices

21 Maintain Don’t Gain Supporting Healthy Food Choices EGUSD teamed up with Kaiser Permanente last year with their holiday season program: Maintain Don’t Gain. Employees will again receive weekly emails of encouragement to encourage them to have a healthy holiday season.

22 January 2014 Employee 30 Day Challenge Anyone who has ever tried to start an exercise routine, quit smoking, or change a sleep pattern knows how powerful a habit can be. During this challenge, employees can write down specific plans for achieving a set goal. Wellness Champions can nominate colleagues to be spotlighted on the website.

23 Communication Plan Includes: Stakeholder meetings Dedicated website Emails Posters Wellness Champions Toolkit Employees recognized on website


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