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Elements of Plot What’s in a story?.

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1 Elements of Plot What’s in a story?

2 NARRATIVE The Three Little Pigs
Definition: a story with a series of events & a narrator to tell the story Example: The Three Little Pigs

3 Choose a story you are familiar with…
Fairy tale (ex. Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, etc.) Book (ex. Twilight, Diary of Wimpy Kid, Harry Potter) Short Story Movie Make one up! 

4 In your “Elements of Plot” Book:
On front: Write title, title of story, picture, your name Each page: Word, definition, example for your story, picture Elements of Plot “The Three Little Pigs” By: Your Name Word Definition: Example from story: (Picture)

5 Plot Outline Title Setting (time & place)
Characters (what do they want?) Conflict (internal or external?) Events (first, then, next, finally) Climax (most exciting part!) Resolution (the problem is solved) Theme (moral of the story)

6 PLOT Definition: a chain of events that make up a story Example:
1. First, pig #1 built house of straw. 2. Then, Pig#2 built house of wood. 3. Finally, pig#3 built house of brick.

7 Setting Definition: Time and place of a story Example: -In the country
-houses -once upon a time

8 Characters Definition: People or animals in a story Examples: Pig #1

9 Conflict Definition: The problem in a story External Conflict:
Let me in! Conflict No way! Definition: The problem in a story External Conflict: Problem with outside force like a character, group, nature Internal Conflict: Inside mind of character like a decision, feeling, or fear I’m scared of the wolf!!!

10 Complications Definition: Events that happen after a conflict when the action rises. Example: Pig #1 builds house of straw and wolf blows it down. Pig#2 builds house of wood and wolf blows it down.

11 Climax Definition: Most exciting and emotional part in a story
Example: Wolf approaches Pig #3’s house and huffs and puffs and tries to blow the house down!

12 Resolution Definition:
the end of the story when the conflict is solved. Example: Wolf cannot blow the brick house down, Pig#3 calls the police, and Wolf goes to jail.

13 theme Definition: the message or moral of a story or poem Example:
Hard work pays off. A determined person can accomplish anything.

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