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Louisa Lambregts, What Makes a Web Site Successful and Effective? Bottom Line... Site are successful if they meet goals/expectations.

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1 Louisa Lambregts,

2 What Makes a Web Site Successful and Effective? Bottom Line... Site are successful if they meet goals/expectations of client and target audience Can achieve this through goal-oriented design Golden Rule - Web Design

3 An article that put together pieces of what we discussed. The very basics for building an html web site. how-to-make-a-web-site/

4 Concept Design Implementation Evaluation

5 What happens during this phase?

6 Gather Information a) client meeting b) competitor analysis c) audience analysis/personnas d) brainstorming e) wireframe f) confirm timeline of deliverables g) resources inventory -do you have logo, images, content, domain name… Product: Client Summary and/or Creative Brief with sign-off (to prevent “scope creep”)

7 What happens during this phase?

8 Plan the Interface and Content ▪ navigational flowchart ▪ storyboards of key tasks ▪ visual mock up of look and feel ▪ logo design ▪ Dreamweaver/Contribute? Or CMS?

9 What happens during this phase?

10 Build, Launch, Maintain ▪ Create prototype ▪ Usability testing ▪ Build full version ▪ Add analytics ▪ Final review of content ▪ Confirm maintenance plan ▪ Train users on Contribute or CMS ▪ FTP to live location

11 What happens during this stage?

12 Usability and True to Purpose ▪ surveys and usability testing ▪ “Is site accomplishing what you intended”

13 PlanDevelopPublishMaintain Concept Design (Evaluate) Implement Implement Evaluate

14 PlanDevelopPublishMaintain Part 1: Client Relationship -Gathering client info -Competitive analysis -confirming project details/getting sign-off Part 2: Planning the Design -wireframe of layout -navigational structure (information architecture) -storyboard

15 What is? Organizing functionality and content into a web site structure that people can easily navigate. It’s how people are able to perform tasks and find information.

16 PlanDevelopPublishMaintain - interface design -build pages -add content -edit content -add analytics -build/embed features -user testing

17 PlanDevelopPublishMaintain -review content -upload to server -get web host -get domain name

18 PlanDevelopPublishMaintain -set up content maintenance plan -set up content owners with Contribute -set up administrative settings (e.g. versioning, check files in and out)

19 Site Designed and Published in Dreamweaver Site Administrator Assigns Contribute Roles Content Contributors Use Contribute to maintain site content

20  Allows categorization of content for easy retrieval  Website requires frequent updating  Easily add features (e.g. photogalleries, event calendar, polling tools etc)  Maintenance of web content doesn’t require technical knowledge of web design  If multiple people will maintain content (especially if they are not knowledgeable about web design)

21 Open Source CMS You can try demos of various CMS systems

22 What Are the Main Tasks and Roles?

23 What Are Some Main Tasks and Roles? Content Development Copy writer Graphic Designer Multimedia Developer Videographer Web Development Programmer (Flash, client (browser-side) Database programmer CMS Implementation Expert Web Applications programmer Project Manager Information Management Information Architect Social Media Expert SEO Expert Interface Design Interface Designer Search Engine Optimization Business Intelligence Expert

24 In this assignment, you will take turns playing the role of client and web designer. 1) As client: Decide on a simple site that you want designed. (e.g. pretend you own a coffeeshop). 2) As web designer: a) determine: purpose/key goals of client web site b) determine target audience c) do competitive analysis: look for 3 competitor sites and record: i) features of site ii) navigational/content categories iii) special functionality: social media, sign-up forms, video or flash video etc. d) Summarize a) b) a) c) in a Word document e) Create a wireframe (on paper or in PowerPoint) f) Share with your client

25 Adobe Suite Educational Software Through Algonquin’s Computer Store

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