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Earthquakes & Volcano Review. 1) What do the dots on the graph represent? Volcanoes Earthquakes.

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1 Earthquakes & Volcano Review

2 1) What do the dots on the graph represent? Volcanoes Earthquakes

3 2) The dots form mostly on the same lines. What are these lines representing? Plate Boundaries

4 3) What is the Ring of Fire? 4) Where is the ring of fire on the above diagram? An Arc of intensive seismic and volcanic activity surrounding the Pacific Plate.

5 5) What U.S. states are a part of the Ring of Fire? Alaska Washington Oregon California

6 6) What U.S. State is in the middle of the ring of fire? Hawaii

7 7) How is an earthquake produced? With the sudden movement of the ground caused by the release of energy when the rocks move along a fault.

8 8) Label the parts in the earthquake picture.

9 9) What is a fault? A break in the rock where movement occurs.

10 10) What is the epicenter of an earthquake? A point on the Earth’s surface where the Earthquake is first felt

11 11) What is the focus of the earthquake? Where the first movement occurs in the Earth’s Crust

12 12) What piece of equipment can measure seismic waves? A Seismograph

13 13) The area in the picture where no seismic waves occur after the earthquake is called the: Shadow Zone

14 14) Label the diagrams below.

15 15) Identify each wave as either an S-Wave or a P-wave A. P-wave B. S-wave

16 16) Speed of wave A:Speed of wave B: Fastest 2 nd Fastest 17) A Movement:B Movement: Back and ForthPerpendicular 18) A moves through:B moves through: Solid, Liquid, GasSolid

17 19) What does the Richter Scale tells about an earthquake? Magnitude; Strength

18 20) What does the Mercalli scale tell us about an earthquake? Intensity: the amount of damage that occurred

19 21) The damage an earthquake does is called: Its Intensity – Mercalli Scale

20 22) The strength of an earthquake is called its: Magnitude – Richter Scale

21 23) What is a tsunami? A giant wave that forms after a volcanic eruption, submarine earthquake or landslide.

22 24) Where is magma found? Below ground

23 25) Where would lava be found? Above Ground

24 A. Cinder Cone B. Shield C. Composite 26) Label the three types of volcanoes

25 27) Describe the slopes of each volcano. A. In-between B. Gently sloping C. Steep

26 27) Describe the eruptions of each volcano? A. Local B. Quiet C. Explosive

27 28) Crater Lake, Oregon is a _______________ that formed when the magma chamber below a volcano partially emptied and cause the ground to sink. Caldera

28 Nevada is on Shaky Ground Article & Video After watching the video, reading the article and discussing the diagrams. Do you think the Las Vegas Valley is ready for an earthquake? Explain and support your answer in 5-8 complete sentences.

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