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Middleton Parish Church School Reading Meeting Welcome.

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1 Middleton Parish Church School Reading Meeting Welcome

2 Expectations Government expect that at the END of the reception year children can: Read and understand simple sentences. Use phonic knowledge to decode regular words and read them aloud accurately. Read some common irregular words. Demonstrate understanding when talking with others about what they have read.

3 Learning to read should be very exciting for children. Suddenly children can make sense of letters and words around them. Each child is an individual and develops at their own speed. Reading unlocks a world of imagination and skills to pursue their own learning. Our aim is for children to learn to read and to develop a life-long love of reading

4 Reading area Role play Writing area Lotto games Songs and rhymes Messages Story time Sound Games Alphabet songs Whiteboard Signs and labels In Our Classroom Everyday

5 * All of these things will help your child develop the necessary skills and attitude to become confident and successful readers * Read with them and to them. Use silly voices for different categories and enjoy yourself! Children mimic our actions and attitudes * Let them watch you read for pleasure and be excited about the books you read. * Whenever you read or write please model the correct formation. Don’t write everything in capitals.

6 Reading and writing are interlinked in many ways! Confident readers are usually confident writers and have much better frames of reference for imaginative writing. We must work together to make the process of learning to read and write FUN or else we run the risk of developing negative attitudes which will directly impact their learning and progress throughout their whole schooling and into adulthood. Reading Links To Writing

7 When will my child start reading? They already have! At home – This Weekend! Children will begin by bringing picture books home Individual reading books will be rolled out over coming weeks as children are blending sounds

8 44 Sounds rather than 26 letters! 6 phases (Reception usually covers phase 2 – 3) -Phase 1 Develops children’s listening skills, identifying different sounds and tuning in to things like rhythm and rhyme -Phase 2 Is where children learn to recognise individual sounds and hear where they appear in a word (usually at the beginning) -Phase 3 Continues and builds on skills and knowledge acquired in phase 2 introducing further sounds and hearing sounds in the middle and at the ends of words 20 minute daily sessions in which children play games and also practise writing letter sounds. Letters and Sounds

9 * If we learn to say the sounds correctly it makes reading and writing much easier! * Children achieve success and find things easier resulting in positive attitudes and confidence being developed. * The pronunciation is not easy as it is different to what we were taught but it really does work! * Video - f_0Om8 Saying The Sounds

10 Expectations It is expected that we work together to enable your child to reach their full potential. This means supporting them with learning to recognise and form phonics correctly. Each child will be sent home with an activity book which will support our phonic learning and sometimes our wider learning too. This will be sent home on a Friday and should be returned by Tuesday each week. Children will love sharing their new learning with you!

11 Individual Reading Child reading to themselves or an adult Banded book Take book home Practice skills at a level appropriate to individual children Fiction and non-fiction

12 What will my child start reading? Oxford Reading Tree Banded book linked to national curriculum levels Most will begin on pink Talking about the events and pictures in the story are just as important as recognising the words. REMEMBER – IT IS NOT A RACE!

13 Meet The Family! Mum Dad Biff Floppy Chip Kipper


15 Play Club Bags Support phonic teaching in school At home – parent led Fun! Exciting! Demonstration

16 Reading area Role play Writing area Lotto games Songs and rhymes Messages Story time Sound Games Alphabet songs Whiteboard Signs and labels In Our Classroom Everyday

17 Book of the week Formal pre-planned teaching objectives Whole class reading together Activities based on book Fiction and non-fiction Shared Reading

18 Small groups Twice a week Banded books Practice skills at a level appropriate to the group Fiction and non- fiction Guided Reading

19 Read with your child EVERY night! Practice sounds EVERY night! Return the book bag and sound book to school EVERY day! Sign and / or comment in the reading record. Expectations

20 Writing / Mark Making Stages:- 1.Scribble 2.Pre writing-drawing 3.Letter like forms 4.Random letter strings 5.Invented spellings 6.Conventional spelling Shared Writing Guided Writing Independent

21 What’s Next? Explore The Reading Scheme Fun with Phonics Phonic and Story Sacks Letters and Sounds Games How to get the most from reading at home

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