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20 th Century Architecture

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1 20 th Century Architecture

2 Frank Lloyd Wright Believed designs should blend with their surroundings Should reinforce democratic ideals and freedom of movement Fireplace is the traditional center of the home

3 Surrounding landscape should more beautiful that it was originally
Frederick C. Robie’s house FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT, Robie House, Chicago, Illinois, 1907–1909.

4 Frederick C. Robie’s house
Uninterrupted spaces, stained glass windows with modern designs. Architecture should reinforce concepts of democracy and freedom of movement. Windows unobstructed views. Focal point is the hearth

5 Frank Lloyd Wright The roofs extend as overhangs on the side of the house – cantilevered construction Cantilevers – beams that jut out and are anchored only at one side (David Smith –Cubi) Wright’s designs blend with the surroundings – Chicago (this part was prairie land) therefore the long, low and flat design “prairie style” Robie house is part of the campus of the Univ of Chicago

6 Kaufmann House Edgar Kaufmann wealthy department store owner
Asked Wright to design a house over a waterfall that was on his property. Designed the home over the waterfall Fallingwater in Bear Run, Pennsylvania FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT, Kaufmann House (Fallingwater), Bear Run, Pennsylvania, 1936–1939.

7 Kaufmann House Wright wanted the house to blend organically with its environment Living room made from onsite stones The hearth is center Staircase extends from upper floors all the way down to the stream The house became an icon of Modernist architecture

8 De Stijl - International Style
Avant garde architectural movement. Gerrit Thomas Rietveld’s – “Schroder House” Flat, rectangular planes, and straight lines. Looks like a Mondrian painting Rietveld’s belief that architecture can be reduced to basic geometric shapes and colors. GERRIT THOMAS RIETVELD, Schröder House, Utrecht, the Netherlands, 1924.

9 The Bauhaus A school of design in Germany dedicated to teaching the International Style Founder – Walter Gropius, his idea was to unite fine and applied arts in a new architecture. Students would learn design and building, but also creating art Omitted architectural history – stifle creativity.

10 The Bauhaus “The Shop Block”
Built from basic materials - glass steel and concrete. No ornamentation Resembled a glass box Straight lines, right angles and flat roofs.

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