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Binomial Radical Expressions

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1 Binomial Radical Expressions

2 Like Radicals Have the same index and the same radicand. Examples
Can’t be done!

3 Adding and Subtracting Radical Expressions
To add and subtract like radicals, use the Distributive Property. Examples Can’t be added, not like radicands

4 Simplifying Before Adding or Subtracting
*Simplify the radical, then add or subtract

5 Multiplying Binomial Radical Expressions
Use FOIL to multiply First Outer Inner Last

6 Conjugates Expressions such as and that differ in only the sign of the second term.

7 Multiplying Conjugates

8 Rationalizing Binomial Radical Denominators
Sometimes you need to rationalize the denominator of a fraction when the denominator is a binomial radical expression Multiply the numerator and denominator of the fraction by the conjugate of the denominator

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