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Bill of Rights.

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1 Bill of Rights

2 Purpose of the Bill of Rights
Goal Limit the power of the federal government Protect the natural rights of individuals Author(s) Ideas taken from state bills of rights Compiled by James Madison

3 Original Scope BoR originally applied only to the FEDERAL government

4 Current Scope The 14th Amendment applied the BoR to the states, in addition to the federal government.

5 First Amendment Freedom of speech, religion, assembly, the press, and the right to petition the gov’t

6 Second Amendment Right to bear arms

7 Third Amendment Protection against quartering soldiers

8 Fourth Amendment Protection against unreasonable search and seizure

9 Fifth Amendment Guarantees due process of law
Prohibits double jeopardy and self incrimination Sets limits on eminent domain

10 Sixth Amendment Trial by jury in criminal cases*
*Charges brought by the local, state, or federal government in response to a suspected violation of law and seeks a fine, a jail sentence, or both.

11 Seventh Amendment Trial by jury in most civil cases*
*Charges brought by private individuals or corporations seeking to collect money owed or monetary damages

12 Eighth Amendment Prohibits cruel and unusual punishment

13 Ninth Amendment Rights not in the Constitution belong to the people

14 Tenth Amendment Powers not given to the national government in the Constitution belong to the states

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