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SMSSAU offers a business bulk text messages at the lowest price: from 7.4c per sms With our short code number and text-credit system, sending text messages.

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1 SMSSAU offers a business bulk text messages at the lowest price: from 7.4c per sms With our short code number and text-credit system, sending text messages will cost a business NOTHING! Our system automatically personalise each text message from a business’s database, meaning the same message is sent to all, but each is personalised with the customer’s name, FOR the business The business will know instantly what his clients complain about or want Customers use a short code (6-digit number number) to book, complain, suggest, competitions, surveys or to send any message to the business’s email inbox and cell phone, instantly. Each text message sent to the 6-digit number could instantly be sent to up to 5 designated emails and 5 cell numbers at the same time. Each text message received, will credit the business’s account with a text-credit, meaning if used effectively, bulk text messages should never cost the business anything. Text credits are carried over and NEVER expires. Each cell number received is automatically added to the business’s database & populated Each text message sent to the 6-digit short code, gets a free automated response The automated text response can be changed at anytime and there are no limits to different keywords and auto responses. Each email address received via a text message to the 6-digit short code is automatically added to your database and populated The automated email response can be changed at any time and can contain pictures as well as attachments. The text scheduler can be used for special events, birthdays, anniversaries, automated marketing, preloaded messages, etc. Simply load the scheduled messages & forget about it. The SMSS system will do the rest! People can reply to any message sent to them via our server, and it is displayed for the business’s viewing instantly on his SMSSAU login The reply message from a customer will also be sent to the business’s email instantly Messages can be viewed and sent from anywhere, anytime by simply logging onto No need to download any software or programs. Once registered the business is ready to go BENEFITS TO ANY COMPANY(BUSINESS) USING SMSSAU

2 From only AU$99 (Incl GST) per month a business receives the following benefits: 1000 text sms credits per month to use for promotions, marketing, staff communication, campaigns, etc. Our bulk sms prices range from 7c to 9c per sms. The LOWEST in Australia! Free automated sms response to each customer that sends a text message to the short code number Unlimited keywords on the short code, each with it’s own unique auto response message Free email to your inbox of each message received from a customer Free text message notification of each message received to selected cell phone number Free automated email to your customer requested via a text message using the short code. A secure legal database is created and populated for you Text message scheduler to do automated text message-marketing. (Scheduling includes days, weeks, months, years) 24-hour access to SMSSAU website that means you would be in control of your business from anywhere in the world Personalised text message feature for bulk, scheduled and group text messages. (Automatically taken from database) Personalised bulk email feature, taking names automatically from database for personalised email marketing Bulk email facility, with automated email database building in groups through the short code An EXTRA text-credit for each message received, to be used for marketing purposes (Can be accumulated & NEVER expires, which translates to FREE text-marketing) Initial (Once-off) registration fee: AU$249 (GST Included) includes: Creating of your business on the SMSSAU platform Your own UNIQUE keyword Unlimited use of the 6 digit short code number Email set up and registration Grouping of different keywords (unlimited) for different departments of your business Set up of website complaints, compliments, suggestions or subscriptions Set up of promotional platform for your business on SMSSAU website

3 THE SMSSAU AGENCY Each SMSSAU agency owns his own exclusive area with the following income potential: 10c for each sms sent to the short code number in his exclusive area $249 for each business that signs up with SMSSAU $40 - $200 PER MONTH (depending on package) for every signed up business in his area Agency pricing: $20 000 – $100 000 (Depending on the area & population) Should an Agency be bought for say; $30 000 the Agency needs only to sell to 40 businesses in TOTAL to recover ALL costs. Initial income: $249 x 40 = $9 960 Monthly income: $40 x 40 p/m = $1600 p/month = $19 200 per year). (Total: $29 160) REMEMBER, THIS IS CALCULATED ON THE LOWEST PACKAGE! INCLUDED in the price: SMSSAU head office will advertise, interview and train all consultants and the Agency owner Current SMSS Agencies in South Africa: Nelspruit, East Rand, Midrand, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Belville, Alberton, George, Witbank, Middelburg MP, East London, Ermelo, Vryburg, Kempton Park, Pretoria, Centurion, Port Elizabeth, Roodepoort, Randfontein, Krugersdorp, White River, Bloemfontein, Durban, Pietermaritzburg, Rustenburg, Pietersburg, Mossel bay, Knysna, Kimberley, Sandton, West Rand, Kroonstad, Newcastle, KZN Midlands and Umhlanga.

4 4 (Only ONE agency will be sold per Area) Agency income: (Agencies have 3 income streams) Each business pays an initial once-off registration fee of $249 of which the Agency receives the complete amount Each business pays $99 p/month (Minimum) of which the Agency receives AU$40 per month The agency will earn 10c for each sms sent in the exclusive area (Plus different income per text messages for other premium rated short code numbers registered for SMSSAU 100 x Businesses will generate the following income: 1. Initial income: $24,900 or $10 000 (If sales people are used to register businesses. Consultants are paid AU$149 per business registering (This commission is only suggested) AGENCY Monthly income: (Lowest package only) 2. 100 x AU$40 = $4 000 p/month 3. 100 x 10 text messages p/day x 10c = $100 x 30 days = $3 000 p/month TOTAL monthly income = $7 000 ($84 000 per year) TOTAL: 1 st Year = $10 000 + $84 000 = $94 000 (313% return on investment)

5 5 20 x 12 = 240 Businesses 1. Initial: $59,760 ($24 000 to agency, after sales people have been paid) PLUS 2. Monthly income: 240 x $40.00 = $9 600 PLUS 3. SMSSAU text-income (240 x 10messages (from businesses) x 30days x $0.10) = $7 200 TOTAL: $24 000 (Registration fees) + ($9 600 x 12 = $115 200 (Yearly income on monthly payments) + AU$86,400 (Yearly income on text messages) – TOTAL – $225 600 - 752% - Return On Investment) Agency income: - should 2 sales people only manage to register 10 businesses each per month for the 1st year

6 6 Worst case scenario - Poor circumstances: ONLY 48 businesses in total (Only 1 p/w or 4 p/month) 1. Initial income: $11 952 ($4 800 after consultants were paid) PLUS 2. 48 x $40 = $1 920 ($23 040 per year) PLUS 3. 48 x 5 sms’s x 30 days x R0.10 = $720 ($8,640 per year) TOTAL $4 800 + $23 040 + $8,640 = $36 480 (121% - Return On Investment)

7 7 To recover only your investment: Only 12 businesses register (1 per month) in TOTAL : (On the LOWEST package) (Then do nothing but to collect the next year’s income) Initial income: 1. 12 x ($ 249- $149) = $1 200 PLUS 2. 12 x $40 = $480 p/m = $5 760 PLUS 3. Sms-income(12 x 10 sms’s x 30 days x R0.10) = $360 p/m = ($ 4,320 ) TOTAL $1,200 + $5,760 + $4,320 = $11,280 Second year income: $5,760 (Monthly packages) + $4,320 (Sms income) = $10,080 + 1 st year($9,120) Total after 2 years: AU$ 19,200 (64% return on investment on a $30 000 investment)

8 8 Good case scenario: 300 businesses per year, (25 p/m – 1 per day) 1. Initial income: $74,700 ($ 30,000 after consultants were paid) PLUS 2. 300 x $40 = $12,000 p/m ($144,000 after 1 st year) 600 x $40 = $24,000 p/m ($288,000 after 2 nd year)($432,000 in Total for 2 years) PLUS 3. 300 x 20 text messages x 30 days x 10c = $18,000 ($216,000 per year) 600 x 20 text messages x 30 days x 10c = $36,000($648,000 after 2nd year) TOTAL ($30,000 x 2) + ($432,000 + $648,000) = $1,140,000

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