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Idaho’s Approach to Livable and Sustainable Communities August 5, 2010.

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1 Idaho’s Approach to Livable and Sustainable Communities August 5, 2010

2 Agenda About CTAI I-way Idaho’s Coordinated Mobility System Value of Improved Mobility & Coordination I-way and You!

3 About CTAI CTAI is the statewide, nonprofit membership association dedicated to creating partnerships, improving efficiencies, and advocating for a truly multi-modal system of connected travel in Idaho. Our services include: Statewide Coordination Training and Education Legislative Advocacy Information Clearinghouse Communications

4 I-way is a growing statewide system, coordinated by CTAI, that connects people in Idaho through a mix of exciting transportation options, giving Idaho an economic and quality-of-life advantage, while helping keep our state clean and beautiful.

5 Idaho’s Coordinated Mobility System Grass-roots mobility system featuring 17 local networks led by local leaders, users, providers, service agencies, and other stakeholders.

6 Value of I-way Maintain Excellent Quality of Life in Idaho Allow aging population to “Age in Place” Maintain Rural Culture and Stimulate Local Economic Growth Utilize Recreational Opportunities Improve Access to Health Care, Work, School and Other Necessary Appointments Provide Safe Transportation Options

7 Ability to implement projects for public transportation and increased mobility using Federal stimulus dollars 21 Projects Statewide Totaling almost $9 million Generated or preserved ~ 155 jobs The funded projects were already identified as needs by local communities through the grass-roots efforts of I-way. Utilize Federal Stimulus Funds

8 Coordinated a joint application for the Federal Transit Administration’s State of Good Repair Grant Received 24 Projects from 14 Applicants Statewide Totaling $10 million Over $8 million Requested from FTA This coordinated application process supported I-way philosophy of statewide coordination and partnerships driven through local communities Funding Opportunities

9 I-way and You! 1.Connect with the stakeholders in your local network. 2.Engage in the conversations about mobility challenges in your area. 3.Participate in the development of coordinated solutions. 4.Facilitate community partnerships to leverage local resources.

10 Heather Wheeler, Executive Director 208-344-2354

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