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You will need a blue and black colored pencil for today. Remember, the blue is for water and the black is for labeling. Brown will be for mountains and.

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1 You will need a blue and black colored pencil for today. Remember, the blue is for water and the black is for labeling. Brown will be for mountains and green for the “Great Plains”. Before you leave the class, please check the floor for dropped colors and be sure the boxes are neat… Thank you! You should have received 2 maps and 3 pages of notes for the water forms and land forms of the US. Be sure to enter these pages into your “TABLE of CONTENTS”.

2 United States Geography How River Systems and Land Forms affect our lives

3 Water Features of the US 1.Mississippi River (discovered by the French) Used as major highway north and south. Named for the Native American tribe, the Mississippi’s. 2.Missouri River (Major east and west water way to the Great Northwest…traveled by Lewis and Clark). 3.Ohio River ( creates a fertile valley that both the French and English wanted… led to the “French and Indian War” between these two European countries. 4.Hudson River ( Hudson River Valley important to early colonist for looking for a way to the west). 5.Erie Canal (man made water system connecting the Great Lakes and Ohio River Valley to the New York and the Atlantic Ocean). 6.Gulf of Mexico ( Highway for Spanish and French exploration and transporting of gold to Spain from Mexico). 7.Atlantic Ocean ( brought many colonists from England, traders from France, and soldiers for fortune from Spain). Also brought new religious cultures, and devastating diseases to the Native Americans. 8.Pacific Ocean ( goal of many American following the “American Revolution). Wanted to expand the United States westward….Manifest Destiny.

4 Mississippi River

5 The most important river system in the United States is the ________________________. Because of its size and expanse, is a major water route for __________ _______ into the _______________ of the US. Making _______ easier, _______, and _________is the major benefit of this river to history and today. Mississippi River shippinggoods Interior sections faster cheaper trade

6 Take out your US Map You will now begin mapping in the water sources Use your map rules…label in print, write in a straight line from L to R, use black ink or pencil only. Use colors (map pencil only) Take your time to be accurate

7 Map in the Mississippi 1

8 Missouri River Mississippi River Missouri River

9 Missouri and Mississippi Rivers

10 Missouri River The Missouri River is called the ______ ___________ because of the heavy load of silt in the water. Parts of the _______________ are muddy because the Missouri flows into the Mississippi. As with most rivers, it helps us by providing faster, cheaper ways to _______ and move _______ and ________ around the country. Gulf of Mexico trade people goods Big Muddy

11 Map in the Missouri 1 2

12 Ohio River

13 The Ohio River creates a ___________ and obvious boundary between ______, reducing land ___________ in the area. Major settlement in this area began because the people wanted a place to _____, grow _____, and __________ their goods to other people. The Ohio river valley was a perfect place. permanent states conflict fishcropstransport

14 Map in the Ohio 2 1 3

15 Mississippi River

16 Hudson River


18 The Hudson River links the city of _______ to the Great Lakes and has developed into a major area for __________ (it is now runs through the largest city in the US!). The river provided a natural water route for the _______ and _______-rich areas of the Northeast. During colonization, natives, early Dutch, and English __________ and settlers used it. Today: it is used as a MAJOR inexpensive source of ________ and ______________. New York settlement timberbeaver explorers trade transportation

19 Map in the Hudson 4 3 2 1

20 Erie Canal The Erie Canal, a man made waterway, also known as _________________, connected the important trade center of_____________, with the developing farmlands west of the Appalachian Mountains. The canal allowed farmers to ship their goods, via the Great Lakes, to eastern markets quickly and cheaply. It also allowed westward bound _______ to move through the once impenetrable Appalachian Mountains. Clinton’s Big Ditch New York City settlers

21 Map in the Erie Canal 5 3 2 1 4

22 Gulf of Mexico

23 The Gulf of Mexico borders the __________ coast of the United States (including Texas) and has large ___ deposits. People settled this area because of the natural ________ allowing easy ______ and _____________. oil harbors trade transportation southeast

24 Map in the Gulf of Mexico Gulf of Mexico 4 3 2 1 Color in the area of the Gulf of Mexico and Label it 5 6

25 Atlantic Ocean Africa Europe South America North America

26 Atlantic ocean

27 Atlantic Ocean

28 The Atlantic Ocean is the _______ largest ocean in the world and is located _____ of the United States. It runs from the cold, rocky coasts of ____________ (Maine to New Jersey) to the warm, sandy beaches of ______ and _________ second EAST New England Georgia Florida

29 Map in the Atlantic Ocean Atlantic Ocean 6 4 3 2 1 Color in the area of the Atlantic Ocean and label it 5 7

30 Pacific Ocean


32 The _____________is the _______ ocean in the world and borders the ______ coast of the United States from __________ to _______ and ____________ states. The Pacific coastline is mostly ______ with high, rough seas (and waves good for ______). Pacific Ocean largest WEST CaliforniaOregon Washington rocky surfing

33 Pacific Ocean 7 6 4 3 2 1 Color in the area of the Pacific Ocean and label it 5 8 8

34 Congratulations! You are now finished with your water map.Congratulations! You are now finished with your water map.

35 You will need a new map for your land features

36 Land Features of the US 9. The Great Plains- Provides fertile lands for crops and livestock. 10. Appalachian Mountains – play an important role in early development of the English Colonies, prevents movement westward. 11. Rocky Mountains- a natural barrier for settlers heading west to overcome.

37 The Great Plains

38 Great Plains

39 Please get out your blank map You will now begin mapping in the three physical features (land features) on your NEW map. DO NOT use your water map…

40 Map in the Great Plains 9 Take your time to draw in the area correctly… look at where the borders are… and label it

41 Great Plains Much of the Great Plains was once covered by a huge ___________ (like a giant ___). When the fish and animals living in that lake died and ___________, their remains created a very rich _____________at the lake floor. When the soil was uncovered as the water drained, it became a very _____ source for _____________ (farming). inland sea lake decomposed sediment layer rich agriculture

42 Appalachian Mountains

43 The ___________Mountains are the largest mountains on the _____ coast of the United States. The mountains are high enough to collect ______ in the winter, which becomes a fresh _______ source in the spring. The “__________” forms into springs and ______, which run down the mountain sides providing ________ water and water for __________ irrigation (farming water). Appalachian EAST snow watersnow-melt rivers drinking agriculture

44 Map in the Appalachians 9 10

45 Rocky Mountains

46 The ______________ are the _______ and longest mountain range in the United States. The Rockies stretch all the way from _______ to Canada. When the Europeans were _______ America, they were not able to cross the Rockies because they were so ____. Much of the mountain range is too ____ for __________________. Rocky Mountains tallest Texas exploring tall cold permanent settlement

47 Map in the Rocky Mountains 9 10 11

48 Map in the Rocky Mountains 9 10 11

49 NOW! Your task is to study your maps and notes, and prepare for a quiz! You will need to locate the water and land forms on a map, and understand the importance of each to the development of the United States as we know it today.

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