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Finding Percent.

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1 Finding Percent

2 Think of percent as being the part of a whole
% = Part x 100 Whole Divide the part by the whole. This will give you a decimal. Then convert to a percent by either: 1. Multiplying the decimal by Moving the decimal 2 places to the right

3 Example: Leeds has a total of 390 students
Example: Leeds has a total of 390 students. 125 of them attended the football game. What percent attended the game? Percent = Part = 125 Whole 390 =  convert to a percent = 32.05%

4 We have 16 students in the class. 14 of the students are seniors.
What percent of the class is seniors Percent = Part = 14 Whole 16 = Convert to a percent = 87.5%

5 During basketball season, James attempted 70 shots and made 28 of them.
What percent of the shots did he make? Percent = Part = 28 Whole 70 = 0.4 Convert to a percent = 40%

6 Classwork Page 428, #35-41

7 Percent Increase Percents are often used for comparing changes, such as increases or decreases in sales, population, or production Percent Increase = Amount of Change Original Amount

8 Example Find the percent change from 120 to 165
Original amount is 120; The amount of change is = 45 Percent change = 45 = = 37.5% 120

9 Last year, Leeds had an enrollment of 386 students
Last year, Leeds had an enrollment of 386 students. This year the enrollment is What is the percent increase?

10 Using Percents to Calculate Discounts and Commissions

11 Discount – a price reduction offered by a business to attract customers and to reduce inventory
Examples: All Dockers Pants 15% off! All Jackets 20% off! Take 50% off all Spring Merchandise!

12 How to calculate the discount
Example: Original Price is $40. It is on sale for 15% off. a. What is the discount amount? b. What is the new sale price? a. Discount amount = discount rate x original price = x $40 = $6.00 this is the amount of the discount b. New Sale Price = Original Price – Discount Amount = $40 - $6 = $34.00

13 Sometimes, stores will have discounts on top of discounts…
All spring shirts are 40% off. From 7-noon, take AN ADDITIONAL 20% off all sale merchandise Most people would add the two discounts to get 60%, but this is incorrect.

14 A shirt regularly sells for $30.00
The shirt is on sale for 40% off. Until noon, you can take an additional 20% off the sale price. The first 40%: x 30 = $12, so the sale price would be $30 - $12 = $18. THEN, take the additional 20% off the sale price: $18 x = $3.60. That makes the final sale price $ $3.60 = $14.40

15 Commission – an amount paid to an employee based on performance
Examples: Car salesmen make a commission for each car sold. Real estate salespeople make a commission on the houses they sell. Commission is usually calculated as a percent of the sale price.

16 John sells office equipment and is paid 5% commission on his total sales. If he had sales of $14,000 last week, how much commission did he make? Commission earned = Commission rate x Sales = 0.05 x 14,000 = $700 commission earned

17 Jenny sells real estate. She makes 6% commission on sales
Jenny sells real estate. She makes 6% commission on sales. Last week she sold a house for $135,000. How much commission did she earn? Commission earned = Comm. Rate x Sales 0.06 x 135,000 = $8,100

18 Cameron makes 7% commission on sales
Cameron makes 7% commission on sales. What was his weekly earnings based on the sales for last month? COMMISSION EARNED WEEK SALES $8,600 $9,600 $7,500 $10,900

19 Sales Tax An extra amount that is paid on most purchases.
State, city and county governments usually have a tax: Example: Alabama 4%, Jefferson County 2%, Leeds 3%. These add to a total of 9%.

20 You purchase items at Wal Mart totaling $32. 80
You purchase items at Wal Mart totaling $ The sales tax rate is 9% How much will the tax be, in dollars? What will be the total purchase price?


22 Classwork Page 428; #42-50

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