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The Advertising Aardvarks

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1 The Advertising Aardvarks
Taiga(Boreal Forest) “The best biome this side of the equator”-Travel Magazine The Advertising Aardvarks

2 Taiga(Rainfall and Temperature change)

3 Description of the Taiga
It’s the largest biome in the world and stretches over northern Asia, Europe, and North America. Located just below the Tundra biome. It is also know as the Boreal Forest. Taiga is the Russian word for forest.

4 Climate Average annual temperatures of -5 to 5 degrees Celsius.
cm of precipitation per year. Winter lasts for 6-7 months. Summer is rainy, hot, and short. Fall is the shortest season in the Taiga. Soil similar to that of the Tundra due to harsh temperature changes. (Permafrost).

5 Plants and Animals Majority of the plants are conifer trees which is why it’s called the coniferous forest. The conifers in the Taiga are referred to as evergreen which means they are green all year round and never drop their leaves. Animals in the Taiga have special adaptations including thick fur and the ability to change colors during the different seasons. Many animals migrate to warmer areas or hibernate during the winter.

6 Adaptations Black Spruce: because of its layered twigs, waxy pine needles, and rough bark it is able to survive the cold, predators, and forest fires. Snowshoe Rabbit: it has large back feet and toes that spread out to act like snowshoes as well as fur on the bottom of their feet to protect them from the cold and give them traction in the snow.

7 Travel and Tourism Come visit during the spring and summer! Beautiful flowers such as the prickly Rose have just bloomed and animals are fresh out of hibernation. Activities: Hiking, biking, bird watching (Gorgeous birds such as Surf Scoters, Black Scoters, and the Common Goldeneye) Unique features: Millions of insects, which cause high amounts of bird migration. Prone to wildfires, which has caused trees to develop thick bark. Home of the world’s oldest trees. Taiga trees cover 11% of the earth.

8 Environmental Issues Taiga is slowly being destroyed everyday by humans, and the environment itself. Forest fires because of lightning strike. Trees falling down due to poor soil. Humans are cutting down trees everyday from the Boreal Forest. Hunting animals within the Taiga has caused a severe decrease in animal population. Because of hydroelectric power, the water has become polluted and began to cause poisoning within the fish population.

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